Safecoin all pre-mined?

Is the safecoin which is being now pre-mined?

Coin numbers are constant, only possible to trade or farming?

Farming means if someone pay the coin for access the ststem then someone get the coin. Right?

MAID will not increase, it is a token that was sold in the pre-sale It willl be exchanged 1:1 for safecoin when safecoin is live. It is approx 10% of the possible number of safecoin (2^32)

safecoin will be farmed by providing chunks when requested from the vault the user supplies

safecoin has a maximun of 2^32 approx 4.3 billion

When people upload they need to buy from the network by giving coin back to the network.

The rate for coin being given out in farming and being required for uploads, is determined by the network on a dynamic basis.


Then when is the rest(90%) of safecoin released?

And how released?

User who need the coin has to buy on network?

If so how can the price be decided?

Price in $$$ will be set by traders in exchanges

SAFE network does not know or care about the $$$ value. It charges for resources in SAFE coin and rewards the farmers in SAFE coin


@ckdghks1 May I suggest you read the wiki and website and learn how the SAFE network and how safecoin actually work. Many of your questions are answered there.

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