Safebrowser Design NEEDS - Post Feature you believe Safebrowser is lacking!

  1. “Help” Tab

  2. “About” Tab
    I just tried to use safebrowser and noticed safebrowser is lack an “About Tab”. I would like it MaidSafe
    added an about Tab to the SafeBrowser so I can easily check the version of the browser.

  3. “Check for Updates” Tab


Does it still save favorites to your account? Has this worked for anybody yet?

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Integrating with firefox.

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noscript - whitelisting of sites to allow javascript on.


Explain… What purpose will such serve?

Would have thought that was obvious - javascript uncontrolled is a bit of a liability, if only for user experience. It’s, to the user, in the same class as authenticator acceptance for the site - so, perhaps could be bound to the same but should have similar refined capability as noscript add-on to firefox. That is so base, so necessary, that it’s a wonder firefox haven’t moved to integrate it. Without control javascript become an advertiser’s haven and a users nightmare… there are those who like advertisers having freedom but they tend to be…advertisers.

I only care about 2 things:

(1) SAFE only version with no ‘switch’ to clearnet

(2) ‘Chrome Mode’ ‘Firefox Mode’ etc …a basic re-arrangement of the panels and menus to match the browser we currently spend all day in.

point (2) may seem like nit picking, but I feel it’s vital to lessen any shock a new network paradigm presents to potential users

I do think the browser in it’s current form is perfectly fine for what it’s being utilized for… Alpha Testing


SAFE only version with no ‘switch’ to clearnet

That. As soon as possible !

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the final version when it goes live must be user friendly and not technical as it is now. it needs to be where a 10 yr old could use all the services and be up and running is 5 mins.


I can’t make out if that is suggesting faking the appearance of those common browsers… not sure that would work… it would be a liability for the many real differences.

Still, in the last days I saw some suggestion of thinking of a move to Firefox with SAFE addon - which of those options mooted seemed the most attractive. Some Tor-like addon as a SAFE bundle then would be a simple idea for users.

As jchino suggests - whatever is most simple for users to make use of.

.profile .plan

I don’t know, if this a browser tool or necessarily an app the like that @nice can fashion but I wonder there’s opportunity to make simple tools that everyone can make use of, the like of which were available before NetScape made a browser do everything. Back in the 1990’s at least .profile .plan calls were common and useful to a point, those being simple status indicators… something then that is trivial for users to update - for free even. I can’t tell, if that needs to be an app or if the evolution of named file locations might lend itself to this… but then wonder it could be an option direct from the browser as a tool.

One step too far would be twitter but I’m thinking something that is overwritten - so only one statement exists at a time.

If apps are listed in the authorized app section I think a link directly to it should be listed right there or in the app permissions section possibly??? Why have to have enter it manually or take up a spot on your bookmarks list?

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Just placement options, like ‘Menus at top right’ (as in Chrome) instead of a strip down the left…would make a huge difference.