SafeAppStore Official Thread



Pictures from our first Dev Outreach event with (smartphone quality).

It was quite a while ago already (as you can see by the “SafeCoin price chart” slide), I just had to get the person from the audience who took all the pictures to upload them and share them with me.

Also, here is a video of all the slides used. We paused it on each slide so I could present and also take all questions throughout. There weren’t too many questions until the end though

The Featured App Example for this one was Project Decorum, in the pretty early days, and I presented about Seneca and the idea of persistent, uncensorable conversation frameworks that could be a solid foundation for all sorts of web services, and grow in demand and popularity.


Here are the pics from the second Outreach Event. It was much bigger, and I enjoyed it more because we talked about the SafeAppStore more this time (first one was more of a general intro to the SAFE Network).

Also, they got much better pics of the audience this time, and the snacks and games we brought for afterwards, to entice some young progressive developers to show up :slight_smile:

Here are the slides used for this one. SAFEx was the featured app that was presented at the end of this presentation.

I’ll copy the summary I wrote on YouTube below:


"This second Outreach Event was much more successful, and had 3x more people show up (6 total :slight_smile:

Last event was getting people introduced to the SAFE Network, and while we touched on that again this time for the new people, we got much deeper into what the SafeAppStore itself is, during this event.

The presentation gave many images about out company website, the sale, our team, and the near future with Network launch ahead. It was a very energetic presentation and garnered some interest from the audience, who considered making applications that could be featured on the SafeAppStore, to earn SafeCoin.

We were lucky enough to have a front end developer from Uber join us today, a python developer for a small SF self-publishing startup, a low-level C coder from a genomic sequencing company, a mobile gaming entrepreneur (who developed the highly successful android game called “Run”), and an interested undergrad from Tulane.

Today’s “Featured App” presentation was on SAFEx, where we discussed the global need for a distributed exchange system, and my experiences working with Daniel, the creator."


Third update: We also have been working with more designs, and we have published a working concept to the Stable Droplet Test Network.

Here’s the link, for the SAFE webrings: http://safeapps2.w0mm.safenet/


Thank you very much again Mr. Irvine for the stable droplet test network!

I feel every day we are getting closer because of it. It’s so satisfying to be able to upload and test each draft as they are made


Well if you keep doing outreaches every 2 weeks or every month and keep doubling you’ll get a crowd in no time. 6 people, that’s about a wii game and a half. But hey with a couple more people you might just have to share all 4 controllers!

But maybe you should offer prizes or something for bringing in a friend to the next meet and greet. Offer like SAFE coasters for the coffee or something when you bring a friend with you.


More SafeAppStore updates written out in this post on our forums:


Progress update on our deliverables:


Updated & uploaded current design to most current SAFE Testnet:


Remaining designs to follow very soon


As promised, here is mockup #2 for our App Store, optimized for the SAFE Network:


…for some reason “whiteoutmashups2” was taken? Who, I wonder?


I wonder if they will sell it to you now :smiley: . Nice work, it’s coming together. I wonder if a section on all the scrips/different language API examples would also help?


I won’t pay a penny over $5mil!


A forum section? I know I’d definitely appreciate having that. Other app devs as well


Uploading third design again, will be announced on our Forums


Now that I have a proper dev setup again, I’m making more progress with the alpha network.

This is a link to the most current iteration of the SafeAppStore, running on the alpha net:


(load times aren’t fast, but all seems to be working)


Hi guys,
I am an investor on SafeAppStore, and wonder how is the project since I haven’t seen any news, and a lot of thread on SAfe-FS.
Is it waiting for the safenet launch?


Hi thanks very much for supporting the project. We have had a few small releases on the test nets and the ideas, designs, partnerships and versions have all grown over time. Even my partnership with the MaidSafe Asia group will be great for the AppStore, as they have several apps on the way and we are planning hackathons and incubators in SF (where I’m in the process of moving back to at the end of this month).

These app partnerships, tutorials (like APP ZERO,, etc), app catalogues (SAFE Potential Apps site) and many other efforts are all laying the groundwork for the best and most connected AppStore I’ll be able to make, and once I’m more settled in SF I’ll be able to bring more of the code up to par with the recent authenticator releases.

So it’s a project I’m very excited about and it’s evolving along with everything else I’m doing. Luckily it’s a simpler project (code-wise) so it will be able to have more rapid releases.

I’ll try to make the progress with it more visible in the future! And less behind-the-scenes


Also in case anyone was looking for the original website it’s hosted here now


Any plan on making the SafeAPPCoins Tradeable?
I think it would be usefull to pass ownership and benefits on holding to other people, and make it more easy to Go In/Out of the project.


No plans. I’m quite sure the documents started that’s not going to be possible but I can recheck


No. The documents specify that. I am aware. I was just wondering…