SafeAppStore Official Thread



unlucky dude…

if you ever need cash quick and want to sell any of your safex at 5x the ipo let me know… I’d buy as many as you’d sell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like 14 people (accounts really) made it in. 2 people over $1000 which is approx 1/7 each


So that’s it, wow congrats to the lucky ones that were earliest.


Yes the hammer has definitely been dropped, we will just need to find exactly where and when. That is where the price calculations go into place.

It is 2:06am PST right now and will be getting some rest, but will be working on the final list and the refunds all day tomorrow. Again, this process will take at most 3 days and then everyone will either have their BTC back or be accepted into the ASDGC and SafeCoin profit sharing program, in which case we will be scheduling your proof session with you in a private message.

Send me the private message on with the address you sent from to get started! That’s step 1 for everybody. The rest is explained on our forums!

Very glad the sale was a success and we have reached the levels we needed to achieve our deliverables!


We thought it might be small. That is why we made the ASDGC an even split for everybody in terms of the voting weight


yeah, if it had been limited to 1or 2btc per person as I suggested in the appstore forum I might have had at least some of my order filled… although still wouldn’t have helped some of the folks behind me I guess.

some people always lose out in a target rather than time restricted format, it just hurts a lot more when you try so hard and get so close but let yourself down with a moment of distraction :persevere:


Nobody can be blamed. It was a crazy rush all at once


I know, but i did see it coming, hence my comments in the appstore forum and my early alarm calls. I’m never late and it will haunt me forever that this was one of the times I was :frowning:

unless you fail of course, go on fail damn you!


joke of course, you’re a good lad and I’m sure you’re very talented too, I do wish you all the best and investors every success, I’ll just have to find other cool things in the ever expanding safenetwork to get involved in… maybe a rival app store! :wink:

/cheeky chuckle


I saw this coming too… I was not distracted at all! Woke up at 3 am with focus and still missed it by a couple of seconds. Guess my nontech fingers were not fast enough. Oh well.


I’m trying to make myself feel better by buying up all the SEC on bitrex lol… after safenet launches, SEC could really turn into something big.

You know I know how you feel… brutally depressing!

Gah! 4 bloomin minutes!


If anyone else is having problems sending me the Private Message to get the Rounds of Actions started, please post a reply either on this forum or SAFE App Store Forum and I will send you one.

Thankful for a successful sale and looking forward to establishing the definitive ASDGC!


Everyone, this is NOT an official release of the Crowdsale Results, but it is our current rough numbers, so that you may prepare for official release, which hopefully will be well before Sunday night. The largest part is to set the final price for BTC and MAID based on Bitstamp and Poloniex exchanges.

Here is a screenshot of the draft we have going right now, for anyone to view:

We are still awaiting a PM from the owners of the following addresses:

  • 1C4oCJ…
  • the transaction for 0.0025 BTC
  • and the transaction in yellow for 1.9 BTC which–if this is the last
    accepted transaction–will be partially refunded to ensure we reach our
    $7,300 goal precisely.

Thank you for your participation in the sale!

Keep updated on our App Store Forums as best you can!

*EDIT: Just had 2 more addresses confirmed, so we have updated this post with the most current data.


When will refunds be completed??


Sir almost done please calm, again, Sunday night is the official deadline but may well be completed before that.

Want to be sure we have the numbers decided upon before that so that nobody gets wrongly refunded instead of receiving their SAFE App Store Coins



Welcome, all new members, to the ASDGC and the Safecoin Profit Rewards Sharing program! We have verified all transactions, pegged our official coin exchange prices, ISSUED ALL REFUNDS as per our documents, and listed all our numbers below.

Here is a download link, and below is a PNG reproduction for anyone who doesn’t have access to spreadsheet software:

Welcome, all new members of the ASDGC and the Safecoin Profit Sharing program! We are very excited to have you and we hope to see you on our forums!

We have seen excellent progress made on Round 1 of the “Rounds of Actions,” as all of our ASDGC members have made PM contact now! We gave a 90 day timeframe, but all members made contact by day 1 and that shows us a great level of commitment :slight_smile:


Also, here is a list of all the refunds made, for your records. (EDIT: now the last one, in MAID, has also been issued as well, visible on the blockchain).

100% of refunds have been completed, MAID keys migrated, and now are in the middle of issuing SASC.

Thank you everybody for a successful sale and we are very excited to get working on all the enabled goals now!


I am confused about the model.

The model I always wanted for content was after-the-fact payment if we felt like it.
I like that model for apps too but understand it could use scale and faces a start up issue.

The model that seems to have been decided upon produces something like a guaranteed income for developers as an overhead to help scale out the network but which will scale down over time over time as the network becomes more viable.

There is another model that will allow content and possibly app creators to be paid on a useage basis, but this seems to entail tracking end user behavior to a degree even if disaggregated. I would have always favored this in the past but still feel that once the scale is planetary an after-the-fact, if-we-feel-like-it and only-what-we-feel-like open access instant micro payment model primarily used as payment for future works… is best. This makes sense to me because these digital creations are near zero marginal costs systems at scale at least in terms of replication and distribution.

But now we have an app store too. Which is a bit like enclosed search. This may be part of an all-of-the-above-strategy, but it seems that app producers might just link all their sites together and this linking list could function as a store or this could be part of SAFEex or something like Etsy SAFE style.
Is this a search system that takes a cut only when someone buys and buyer and seller are successfully matched?

Also, at such small scale I understand that you might need or want investors, but its confusing to me. There must be a difference between crowd source and crowd sale. In crowd source money in micro to macro amounts is thrown in to leverage the buying power of the crowd but the payback is an app that would otherwise not exist and without strings or no expected payback. To me investors are strings if the schedual of payments is not finite and proportional to their actual contribution. The little money risked for for endless returns model is a bad one, its a credit card that can’t be paid off and its draining the life out of society.


Actually you may have missed that it did not factor in the 3 peoples amount who have paid in MAID before you. That is why I guess he called it “unofficial”.

If you had seen the sheet done much earlier by someone else and posted on his forums early on before any unofficial one, using the blockchain details you would see that it did include the amounts from MAID deposits and it is so close to the final results by @whiteoutmashups

I really do feel for those who missed out. It was so quick, but many missed out including one of @whiteoutmashups main supporters/advisers @dallyshalla. Unfortunately many people get disappointed when the early unofficial results differ from the final one

If you read back there are a number who missed out and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning and still missed out. Please take up any grievances with @whiteoutmashups privately from now on. You have made them well known already. Thankyou for your understanding


EDIT: updated my last post with some new information, specifically that 100% of refunds have been issued and we are now in the process of issuing everyone’s SASC :slight_smile: (first owner of SASC is visible here)



More updates on the SAFE App Store are released in the above link.