SafeAppStore Official Thread



you may do so, but this means nothing, as the documents state that the coin is used to prove participance in the original sale and nothing more. If you send it all to him then you lose your rights to the Rounds of Actions, and he may not use them either, so it is a zero-sum game.


off to cry into my pillow and punch the wall a few times


Maybe you need to rethink that provision Bro!


that isn’t possible. Anyone who is not eligible for the ASDGC or Profit sharing rights will be refunded


I waited all night for this and he got all sell within a seconde i’m so disappointed


So appreciate you trying dude. Looks like I’ve just letting getting distracted by the dog for 10 mins ruin my chances… so annoyed after getting up at 7:30am two days on the trot. :frowning:

Really kind that you’d try though and says a lot about the kind of people on here… so many good, kind, decent folks, just such a shame I won’t be able to be a part of this when I so wanted to. :cry:

Missed safex by being 1 day late joining this forum and scoping it out, now miss this by a matter of 2 minutes lol.



Extremely sorry, and I do hope you visit our forums and take part in the discussions.

Nobody saw this coming, and it wasn’t even all from one person or anything like that. We got many different transactions, here’s a link to the address.


okay >.< I should have expected that … :open_mouth: … and I thought I still might have the time to participate -.-" …

Congrats @whiteoutmashups !!! very very cool move that you realize the app store!!! :sunglasses:


It’s my fault not yours, but you can see why I feel so upset (with myself). I’m expelling frustration at my keyboard, not you bro. I totally understand your position.

Just out of curiosity, what time stamp was the last accepted transaction?

I actually got in at 8:16, so maybe there is a small chance?


Erm, looking at that wallet link I actually think I might have been one of the last ones in!

I dare not get my hopes up though until you confirm that getting in at 8:16 was good…


/baited breath


Great work @whiteoutmashups! I have 2 questions: How is this different from the App Launcher by Maidsafe where people can add Apps as well? And what about security, is all code from all the Apps open source??

SAFE App Launcher - Introduction

i realise its not possible, hence why i was asking Jabba why he would want to do so.


Yes - I saw this coming. I wanted to participate, to support you (as you’re a great community member here), and to be a part of what could become an interesting project, but you’ve alienated me and others by the way you’ve done this.

If you’d made $7300 the target, but stated that tokens will be divided proportionately between people who donate in the first X hours / days, and any extra funds are there to be used in ways that will be determined by the newly established ASDGC, it would have been great. But it has disappointed a few people who might have been keen supporters / contributors, and you’ve missed out on more resources that people keenly wanted to contribute.

Just saying ‘sorry, too late’ to people like Jabba who’s been so keen and excited to be a part of this seems like a great shame, and you can’t expect him or others who missed out on being part of ‘the team’ to contribute enthusiastically while feeling excluded.

Anyway, congratulations on quickly meeting your target!

Oh well, a lesson for next time perhaps?

Or could you do something like ask the new ASDGC if they’d like to open up new applications to the ASDGC from those who contributed to the crowdsale within the first hour in return for not refunding them?


If I did make it in time then I would certainly add my vote to raising the agreed limit to that first $10k before the address went down at least… it does feel rotten to miss out :frowning: and extra money now might help things go more smoothly through the next phases of development.

I very much doubt it would happen though - you’d need 100% agreement and anonymous votes, so doesn’t seem likely to get through.

I’ll be overjoyed if 08:16 was early enough and I think it might have squeezed its way in. I will feel bad for others who were not so lucky though if that’s the case.


actually scratch that, unless we’re taking btc value as of last week (or next week and it plummets) lol I have no chance ;). I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it… I got pipped at the post.

ah well, obviously as David says there isn’t much incentive to contribute or be involved, but I do wish you all the best with it - although a part of me will hate myself even more if it does become a great success now, so actually scratch that, I hope you find you desperately need extra funding and have to invite in some more investment early /evil lol. :imp:


It is another venture, with different goals in design and functionality, and different ways to market to the masses to hopefully gain mass adoption.

Nothing against the launcher project at all, we are all trying to bring mass adoption to the SAFE Network and get everyone using more secure systems. But we feel that a launcher might seem foreign to regular users and want to give casual internet users the feel of an “App Store” instead, like they are already comfortable with from Apple, Google Play, etc.

We are aiming to bring that sense of what they are already comfortable with into this new field of decentralization.


Unofficially (and again, we have not finished and released the final list as a team yet), it looks like the last transaction may have been one for $600, which–if it is–will be partially refunded so we reach our $7300 goal exactly. If yours was that last one, you would get your ASDGC voting rights and entrance into the SafeCoin program for that final difference (purchase amount).


yea im out, that was 1.5 at 08:12, missed it by 4 mins, I was 8:16, 1.999, so missed it by a couple of grand.

hate myself and everyone else


/jabba prays for btc to instantly drop to $380 so Will has no choice but to take more btc lol.


It can drop to $1 but I Will not change the rules :stuck_out_tongue: We must stand by them.


aww I got at 8:13 :’(
@whiteoutmashups so that was the hammer, not going to let it fluctuate; it’s been over hasn’t it?