SafeAppStore Official Thread



On mine now thanks…


im sitting this one out, whole idea seems half baked to me, and still no idea what happens to the other 60% profit…


the documents explain the 60% is for the development of the app store.

This would include paying the development team, and other projects to ensure the longevity and success of the store, ranging from outreach events such as hackathons and app development workshops, to public talks at Meetups, etc. Not all the plans have been revealed yet since it is only the beginning.


Sir, you only just asked that. Sorry I wasn’t here to answer it immediately after you typed it, as I had to get the site ready for the sale.

No worries at all if you pass, but please refrain from being rude :slight_smile:


wow I hope my bitcoin counted :stuck_out_tongue:


Over the target already, that was quick!


i was not being rude, and asked 22 hrs ago.


I think I am one of the lucky founders! :wink:
Congratulations to the rest, good luck with the project!!

I am honored to participate Safex, Sas and any other safe related projects!


god mine too, i got distracted for 5 mins… i was in at 8am on the dot yesterday, i’ll be so disappointed if i didnt get in at all today…

maybe you should just raise more and count us all :wink:

      Alright this was quite unexpected! 

Officially this SAFE App Store Crowdsale is over as of 12:18 PM at the latest.

Many transactions are to be refunded as we hit $10,030 in the first few minutes of the sale!

Please nobody else send, anyone else who sends now will be refunded.



Maybe you should remove the addresses now since you have so more sent to you than the limit you set.

Every one now spending to those accounts will have to be refunded costing you tx fees


Definitely, just pushed the changes.

I think the server is taking a few mins again


oh god dude, i sent mine at 8:17, so that’s obv going to be me and im going to get refunded… im so upset


two days of setting my alarm and gettinmg up to sit in front of pc and i miss it because i got distratced for 10 mins!!!



@Jabba if I got any I am happy to share a little with you at no markup.


why did you have to make it such a low target? I wish you’d gone for more and given yourself more wiggle room.

I actually can’t believe it… so annoyed at myself… can’t be all just agree retrospectively to leave it at 10k lol


And this goes for anyone who didn’t make the sale:

Please still register at and take part in the discussions! Just because you may not be able to vote in the decisions does not mean that your comments and perspectives can not help shape the future of the store.

Please take part, even if you did not make the sale, which was unexpectedly short.


omg that is so kind of you, thank yuou bro, i’d really appreciate it


I know that much more money could have been raised, but we had set deliverables we are chasing and weren’t in the business of just raising money because we can.

We have no business with other people’s money beyond what we need to get the project where it needs to be.


why buy if you cant vote, transfer ownership or profit share, just asking?


But projects always run out money sooner than expected or things cost more, you need wiggle room and any surplus can always be spent improving things… ive not heard of any business that doesn’t appreciate extra funding and put it to good use… how many people was it in the final tally… few enough to ask if they mind raising it to 10k individually? first vote? :wink: