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Will 40% of all future revenue generated by the site be paid out in dividends? How exactly will it be monetized? App sales? Advertising? What binds our agreement, good faith?


I was ahead 1 day too,
but I will be there tomorrow again


oh yeah, my fault entirely, but an easy’ish mistake to make… I’m always grumpy when I first wake up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hate being poor. :expressionless: I’d be investing in this if I had the BTC to buy with.


Scrambled up your pennies to invest cause this and Maidsafe are great ways out of poverty. A job (Just Over Broke) is certainly never gonna get us there. If I had found a way to put just a little in the safexchange, I would be sitting on a huge profit today (from approx .00000005 to .00000050 sat). Wow!


There have been many discussions of PtP, but they aren’t decisive as of yet. What HAS been decided, though, is that apps will generate SafeCoin from the SAFE Network based on the GET requests that they generate for the Network. In addition, the SafeCoin wallet of the App developer is attached to the App, and all donations get sent to this address as well. These are the two currently accepted ways that apps like SAFEx, SAFEpress, n99, the SAFE App Store, and all other distributed applications that will use the SAFE Network will be able to be open source and still earn SafeCoin for its developers and investors, outside of charging it’s users fees for things.


Yes that is what it means. All in SafeCoin


No, the App is free to download and use. Please see the comment right above


The SAFE Network App Store is online, mobile and desktop software for people to buy or list their distributed applications for sale to others, in a decentralised way, using SafeCoin and the SAFE Network.

Very similar to the Google Play and Apple App Store platforms, except without the inherent limitations that arise from being centrally controlled.


I mailed but no response to it. Not a very warm welcome


Admittedly I can not take credit for this; There has been little to 0 of my involvement here. I hope that might change… anyway

Good luck out there @whiteoutmashups


Chill out dude, he’s already said he’s been inundated with messages and is probably busy with work too… you can’t expect quick ‘customer service’ in a situation like this. I’m sure he’ll get back to you when he goes through his box and has time to reply to everyone.


Best if they just had a countdown timer with subscription email box sending updates regularly with increased updates as it nears release so you would maybe have weekly updates with months to go, daily with a week to go and then in the last 24hrs you would have a couple with one at 24hrs, another at 12 hrs, one final one prior to launch and then another after launch.

In fact I hope MaidSafe do something like this once they plan their official release because its not only super practical but its awesome for marketing.


No answers to my questions… hmmm


Had to edit my post, i said it was at 9am UK time but it’s 8am , i hope no one wakes up later than originally planned or misses it cos of my complete failure in basic math and clock reading , i have only just noticed my mistake now


Hi all,

Just got out of our final meeting and have released the Crowdsale Specifications document. I have posted it on the SAFE App Store Forums and am making this note here.

All of the terms have been finalized and the main highlights are the rulings that all ASDGC members will have equal voting power (regardless of purchase amount), and that the SASC prices will be based off of the Bistamp and Poloniex prices, accordingly for Bitcoin and MaidSafeCoin.

Please read the document before entering the sale!

The addresses will be posted at 24:00. We apologize for the confusion! Just read a few comments that said people thought it was this morning. Very sorry, and definitely tried to be clear with 24:00.

Looking forward to all who will join the sale, our exciting project, and the ASDGC!


Hope you have had a chance to read the document!


I just have, does not relly seem to answer my questions though.
The exception being you do state no exchanges… but it does not seem to answer the others.
So I will ask again.

      Good luck with your project.

Few question, sorry if its already covered.

40% of profits are split between investors.
How is the othe 60% split and used.
( Now i think about, that must be open to a vote if one is called? )

You say no listing on exchanges for the coin.
How about after conversion?
People will want to be able to sell their investment and transfer the rights
of ownership and profit share. ( No doubt there would be a vote on that
also ? )

A token on safe that could be traded on safex auto paying divs to the
new owner would be easy enough to do? You have anything against that


Don’t see addresses on the site and its after 24:00!


The server might be taking a few mins to update but the changes have been pushed.

Keep hitting refresh, it already shows on mine :slightly_smiling:

To verify, the BTC address starts with:

and the MAID address starts with: