SafeAppStore Official Thread



Which bit do you need to be explained ?


The whole thing.

I am not understanding the reasoning and thinking behind it.

Why not just build the app store into the launcher or management suite directly on SAFE?


because its a website/business idea like the many thousands of others that will exist , and tying them all into the core of the actual network would be less beneficial than putting them inside of the system , with freedom for everyone to do as they wish, deisgn or change or create whatever they so wish


Exactly right. It’s its own app

Just like SAFEx, LifeStuff or any other decentralized SAFE App


I must be a moron. I still don’t get it, the reason behind it, what it does, what problem it solves, why it’s required or any of that. I’ll just wait and see what comes of it.
Good luck I guess.


It will be one of the first businesses on the blockchain, one of the first DAC’s practically with voting rights to the investors to vote the direction they wish to take it .

You think an app store will make money on the safenetwork? yes? well great you can invest in this business and earn income from the profits it generates .


How to participate into this? How can i buy the coins?


Not currently for sale, sale begins at midnight on the 18th into 19th of this month , so about 2 and a bit days away


And how to obtain? PM? And how do i store them?


Here are some details. Read up and you will know as much as we do about the upcoming crowdsale.

When the crowdsale documents are presented then we will all know how to send BTC or MAID to the sale


Send from an address you control the private key to, so mainly don’t send funds from an exchange.

I am not sure if they will be sent as mastercoin tokens like other sales like safex for example, but my bet would be that it wont be and just once it has been created.

You will need to join the discourse forum and msg whiteoutmashups with your purchase to get in on the crowd funding profits and benefits program


In the top section of, the live sale addresses will be listed at 24:00 on 2/18/16 PST, and you will be able to send Bitcoin or MaidSafecoin to those addresses. That is all you will need to do, and at the commencement of the sale, SAFE App Store Coin (“SASC”)–an Omni layer asset–will be sent back to your address.


hi there

I want to participate in the crowdsale as well, but I dont understand this $7 grand cap very well … What if one person buys half of this cap, does that means he will own 50% of crowdsale SASCs and 20% of all profits to be generated by the store will go to this bill gates ? lol
Anyway, I’m looking forward for this and other SAFE related projects and dapps, and hopefully I will get into development too within few months

Best Regards!


Have I got my timing wrong? I set my alarm especially :frowning:

No address up to send btc to yet? This should be up as of 8am GMT no?


you a day too soon , its 18th into 19th so midnight tonight

It will be 9am tomorrow for UK peoples

at least that’s what i understood it to be

Edit : I am wrong about it being at 9 thou , i really fail hard at gmt-pst conversions and math

it is 8 am from the looks of it , the site i used was GMT +1 :frowning:


ugh, midnight confused me obvs, how irritating, I set my alarm especially.

N.,B future crowdsalers please end at 00:01 or 23:59 to save any confusion lol ty :stuck_out_tongue:

/back to bed with me


wait till it reaches 9 i would tbh, cos i count midnight as the end of the day but even with my girlfriend who is american we argue over when midnight for each day is :stuck_out_tongue: dunno if they meaning beginning or end of today for cali time


To be fair, he did say 24:00, not 00.00 on the 18th, and stated PST, but yeah, mid-nights are the most ambiguous time as to what day the are on!

Glad I didn’t miss it for getting it wrong the other way :slight_smile:

Hoping there’s enough for everyone who wants to support this - perhaps the model frrom Safex should be adopted, even if just for the first 24 hours: if the total exceeds $7k in the first day, the sale is ended & tokens split proportionately between those who invested on day 1?

Just an idea as it may be better to have a few people involved than just the first big hitter :smiley:



I guess that (some) people that will send money to the project will see it as an investment and I guess it can be seen as one when you talk about ‘dividend’ and ‘share’.


they are granted lifetime membership into the ASDGC and a lifetime share in the
Safecoin profits (dividends) at every dividend Announcement (as
described in the “App Store Safecoin Profit Delivery” document.

I think it’s a good model to use the app developers reward (in the future) but is it already known how this reward will exactly be measured in the apps? If not, how do you know that your app/store will earn safecoin?

Can you also give me a ELI5 to what the project exactly does, because I see a lot of confusion here and I’m also having a hard time understanding it. Is it a page where you list all the apps, so people can access it from one page or something else?


Good luck with your project.
Few question, sorry if its already covered.

40% of profits are split between investors.
How is the othe 60% split and used.
( Now i think about, that must be open to a vote if one is called? )

You say no listing on exchanges for the coin.
How about after conversion?
People will want to be able to sell their investment and transfer the rights of ownership and profit share. ( No doubt there would be a vote on that also ? )

A token on safe that could be traded on safex auto paying divs to the new owner would be easy enough to do? You have anything against that proposition?