SafeAppStore Official Thread

EDIT: @whiteoutmashups has indicated store will be unmoderated when live, so my post is useless at best

Would this not be a moderated app store and others can create a unmoderated free-for-all app store.

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So are you limiting the funding to 7300$ or is that to be decided

That’s right, and that comment I made was SOLELY for this proof-of-concept that is live now.

There won’t be moderation of the live version running on SAFE. It will be truly free market

Then wouldn’t the unmoderated app store make the moderated one redundant? :confused: I could be very wrong here, just my initial thought. Best of luck, I might invest, we will see

Yes I am limiting the sale to that because we have calculated our running costs for each deliverable and need no more of that before launch to get to where we need to be.

Post launch SafeCoin profits are a part of our longer-term funding plans past that. But to get the store up and running efficiently and quickly right now across all platforms that is all we are looking at securing

That is great, that makes me exited as well :slight_smile:

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Yes, the proof of concept presented in the first post here is only a proof of concept, and may stay up longer term but only for historical purposes. No one can transact anything of value of with it, and the live version running on SAFE is the one that matters

@whiteoutmashups has indicated that the live app store will be unmoderated so ignore my post since its unmoderated anyhow.

But some people may wish a app store that moderates the apps so they feel safer in using the apps from that store


I know a large theme in the SAFE Network seems to be ‘self-moderation,’ or the voluntary application of filters client-side, instead of human moderation, which I think makes things easier for everyone while still offering everyone access to all the information by default. Elegant solution

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Good point, I can see the usecase for that definitively, some businesses and people would prefer a “safe for work” or vetted list with only apps that are truly safe and non-offensive and those who are looking for something else should have to dig a bit deeper.

I wonder if there is some smart way of incentivizing people to verify the code of apps submitted, I guess the investors might be inclined to do so themselves for obvious reasons.

That sounds genius. I assume then the filter is preconfigured/set a certain way and those who dare can modify it and see what else is going on, if I’m not completely mistaken


My 2 cents:

  1. I hope we will be able to download and use apps/websites advertised on the SAFE app store without having to register for anything similar to Play Store. Mockup templates show us having to signup/login.

  2. Nothing in there about marketing, we want to know this is going to succeed and to do that it not only needs to be built but it needs to then be launched and marketed correctly.

  3. Too much focus on Will and what Will can do once he has some money. It seems kind of unprofessional. Like as if Will is asking me to fund his hobby. As a potential supporter I am sitting here wondering why I need to give Will money. Make it more about the project and less about Will.

  4. Funds seem super low. Are you sure you have looked at your finances correctly? I would have been expecting something in the tens of thousands range at the very least if not in the hundreds of thousands…

  5. WIIFM?

Sorry edited late.

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That’s right, and the mockup is only written this way because the SAFE Network isn’t live yet and we can’t integrate the MPID’s that it will give us for the SAFE Network Accounts yet. Once they are Available, you won’t need anything more than that

Being the first to SAFE App Store to market with all the bases covered will be quite powerful in itself, but beyond that our events and Hackathons in SF will provide additional coverage. A formal marketing budget can be produced but this sale is solely to get our product finished and out to all the platforms right at SAFE Network launch as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is the immediate target and goal

I can change the wording for you.

The team will at least double in size with a successful sale

Again, that is the exact amount we need to bring our tech to iOS, Android, desktop and a web app, and those are the immediate funding goals here. We are very close to launch and must be extremely efficient, adaptable and competitive, and no large $100k+ corporation will be constructed in this very immediate timeframe before launch.

Our goals and deliverables and very precise, and therefore so are our funding goals.

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So there’s this–lifetime SafeCoin dividend returns as explained in the documents–and the membership into the ASDGC voting & governance committee like in the posts

your question here makes me worry that you have only read the funding goal image on so far and have not yet had a chance to see the documents yet, such as those dealing with the crowdsale governance committee or the Safecoin Dividend Payout terms.

I don’t know what any of hat means in terms of real world value but OK. For example if I give you 7.3K does that mean I own 100% ? I read the docs but could not see anything related to how this is divided up. And how do you plan to monetize?

Another question is why not just build this into SAFE itself, like in the launcher or management suite or something like that?


definitely, the numbers haven’t officially been released yet and just adding this here agian

Just an update, Mr Tim Coomber @we_advance of n99 has just become the first user to post an app and a full description to the proof-of-concept website, and his new app is visible right here.

Everyone is encouraged to do the same, to register a new account and upload their app ideas or apps that they are currently working on, to fully grasp what has been built here and enjoy our services so far.

Again, this is just a working proof-of-concept of the SAFE App Store and is not the final product. The final product will be the decentralized version running on SAFE.

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I think I need to go back to school…

I’m just not getting the point of this.

Can someone explain in a Reddit style explain like I am five please?

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