SafeAppStore Official Thread



As promised, here is mockup #2 for our App Store, optimized for the SAFE Network:


…for some reason “whiteoutmashups2” was taken? Who, I wonder?


I wonder if they will sell it to you now :smiley: . Nice work, it’s coming together. I wonder if a section on all the scrips/different language API examples would also help?


I won’t pay a penny over $5mil!


A forum section? I know I’d definitely appreciate having that. Other app devs as well


Uploading third design again, will be announced on our Forums


Now that I have a proper dev setup again, I’m making more progress with the alpha network.

This is a link to the most current iteration of the SafeAppStore, running on the alpha net:


(load times aren’t fast, but all seems to be working)


Hi guys,
I am an investor on SafeAppStore, and wonder how is the project since I haven’t seen any news, and a lot of thread on SAfe-FS.
Is it waiting for the safenet launch?


Hi thanks very much for supporting the project. We have had a few small releases on the test nets and the ideas, designs, partnerships and versions have all grown over time. Even my partnership with the MaidSafe Asia group will be great for the AppStore, as they have several apps on the way and we are planning hackathons and incubators in SF (where I’m in the process of moving back to at the end of this month).

These app partnerships, tutorials (like APP ZERO,, etc), app catalogues (SAFE Potential Apps site) and many other efforts are all laying the groundwork for the best and most connected AppStore I’ll be able to make, and once I’m more settled in SF I’ll be able to bring more of the code up to par with the recent authenticator releases.

So it’s a project I’m very excited about and it’s evolving along with everything else I’m doing. Luckily it’s a simpler project (code-wise) so it will be able to have more rapid releases.

I’ll try to make the progress with it more visible in the future! And less behind-the-scenes


Also in case anyone was looking for the original website it’s hosted here now


Any plan on making the SafeAPPCoins Tradeable?
I think it would be usefull to pass ownership and benefits on holding to other people, and make it more easy to Go In/Out of the project.


No plans. I’m quite sure the documents started that’s not going to be possible but I can recheck


No. The documents specify that. I am aware. I was just wondering…


I definitely think SASC is not listed, only SFSC

And trading nullifies the coins if I remember correctly

This unique sale was to activate your address to receive part of the perpetual shared dividends


If I remember well, at first there was a plan/idea to have the Safe FS coin addresses registered on your website, which addresses would be checked regularly to see how much dividends (paid in Safecoin) should go to that address. That plan/idea was abandoned later, and it was not needed anymore to register your Safe FS holdings on your website. To me, it implied that you had found another way to pay out dividends to Safe FS coin holders.

What I understand now is that dividend payouts only go to the addresses that you gathered at the crowdsale? And if, say, only 50% of the original Safe FS coins are to be found on one of such addresses, only 50% of dividends will be paid to that address (which would make sense of course) but the owner of the other 50% is completely missing out (nullified) on future dividends? That last part doesn’t make sense to me, to be honest… And that’s not how securities are supposed to work either.

By nullifying traded coins, you basically nullify all Safe FS coins, unless a seller is willing to give up all his Safe FS holdings and hand over his address completely to a buyer. Setting up exchanges for Safe FS has become useless too.

I’m sure I’m misunderstanding this, maybe you could elaborate on this subject a little more? Thanks!


Looks like we’re talking about two different projects here.

I was talking about SafeAppStore Coin.

Not SAFE-FS coin


lol, ok, my bad! Thanks for clarification. :slight_smile:


Hi so just double checking in again with you, this particular coin is not liquid, correct?


Yeah not liquid. The sale has a very small cap and sold out in 5 minutes; those holders can’t trade their stake in the app store afaik, they are locked in by their donation address I think.


Yes that’s right, we talked about the App Store remember, this one isn’t tradeable, it’s just for the SafeCoin income / voting.

People keep asking this, maybe I should find a good way to make a sticky or something


Checked a while ago with @whiteoutmashups and you’re free to transfer them to a different (cold storage) address though.