Safe will cover what several projects are doing all in one - and its incredible

The discussion on making safe alt coins got me thinking the yesterday. I wanted to essentially make a ledgerless bitcoin 2.0 that PoW would benefit the network. I started thinking about what all the network actually needs and how to measure the metrics. That led me down looking into some other projects and how they measure their metrics… and it struck me - Safe covers the space of so many other projects all at once.

IPFS - DNS based file location and quasi permanence - We do that.
Storj - blockchain based file storage at a cost - we do that and way better
Ethereum - blockchain based “world computer”. While we don’t do that yet, I know there has been a ton of thought put into it and the network being designed to roll it out with “ease”.

There are three very admirable projects, but they don’t have the tech to have it done really well and efficiently. That’s SAFE. Why try to figure out how to make 3 different projects work together to play nice when you can just use one? Every time I have another epiphany about safe I am in awe again.

TL;DR: Thank you @dirvine for your vision and tenacity to carry it through for all of these years. You’ve managed to figure out a way to put together in one nice neat package what others have only managed to do part of, in a more efficient and distributed way than anyone else. Keep up the amazing work team!


Safe net is all about building strong foundations, which should make building apps upon them much easier.

If you work in software engineering, this will be a familiar concept - you can either rush something to market which is difficult to maintain and extend or you can take your time and build something which will be flexible, extendable and will stand the test of time.

Many people will look at the project and will not get this. They will wonder why it is taking so long, why it can’t do X or Y from day one. This is why it is such a good investment right now - it takes a bit of vision to see the benefits.


Nice thing is you don’t even have to be a technical engineer to grasp David’s vision. This is his true genius.

This complex simplicity gives the SAFE Network a competitive edge that is above all other crypto projects including Bitcoin itself.


Totally agree, except for that. I don’t see this as a crypto project at all. crypto is perhaps 5% of what the project is to me and by no means what the project is about.


I 100% agree with you. To clarify, those not deeply in the crypto space would not likely hear about the SAFE Network. There are some people who here about SAFE before other cryptos because of political activism and other reasons but I’m guessing they are fewer in number. This is the only reason I include this project in the crypto category.


Is there a crypto project let’s say in the top 25 or top 50, that has an unique angle that isn’t possible on the Safe Network, or isn’t possible with Safecoin? That would highly interest me…

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A crtical mass of tech and approaches in a tight polished diamond about the size of DOS 1.0 almost viral in size, which will massively aid propagation hopefully right down into the heart of every IOT node (at some point) and into a massive network of FOSS /FOSH mesh phones that also make use of harder to jam signal sources like LiFi. This basis will also sprout distributed computing that will hopefully have a layer of AI at some point. But even back at the node level it looks like it anticipates the rapidly approaching launch of the quantum AI learning machines. It was made so that more Q proof encryption can be added if need be. It may give us a more positive chance or slightly more time against the global social hack of an SI.

You name one that you think won’t go on SAFE, and then we can critique it.

SAFE reminds me of the quote attributed to Archimedes, “give me a firm place place to stand, and I shall move the earth,” as a comment on the principle of the lever. SAFE is the firm place to stand.


I would be interested in knowing that as well. If there are none that would be sick, but there has to be.

I guess Monero does “regular internet” transactions anonymous, that is one thing Safecoin can’t do obviously.

There has to be something Ethereum does as well that Safenet can’t. Dunno what, but there has to be :slight_smile:

By the way, @Panda, it was MyLegacyKit who asked that question and not me.

The reason I’m starting on reading the RFCs is to get a sense of whether the aspirations for the compute layer are feasible.

Because if they are feasible, and the latency is not outrageous, then there’s nothing “crypto” SAFE won’t do.


In a couple of years “the powers that be” will go insane because looking back it all could have been prevented if they didn’t screw with our freedom of speech and freedom of finance.