SAFE Website Tutorial (my first SAFE website experience)



Tx 4 your help :slight_smile: I already tried to update my IP.
My IP never changes (I use a VPN).
The “Update IP” button is disabled .


What browser are you using? Edge seems to cause problems for some people.


Safari, Firefox, Chrome on Mac OS Sierra.


If the IPs match (can’t tell from your redacted screenshot) the button will be inactive and you should be able to log into the network. If they don’t match and the button is inactive I’m not sure what the problem is.

Looking at the log file though, are you using the browser with Mock routing? If so then the IP whitelisting is not necessary and it’s another issue.


I will check the “Mock routing” deeper. Thanks again for your help


Can you teach us how to make a user log in, webpage search, and a video list of the day sort of thing…I’m not making decentralized youtube…what? I’m not!

Vidy release (Joseph's Safe Websites Project)