SAFE Web Tutorial implemented using Svelte JavaScript framework

Starting from the SAFE Web App Tutorial I’ve created an app which uses Svelte to implement the front end of a simple web app.

Svelte is an exciting new framework that is performant (size and speed), suitable for client side apps (ie SAFE), and has a very active and helpful community. It is relatively new (now at v3 beta) but the documentation and examples, combined with their support chat make it ideal for learning how to build simple web apps on SAFE, and you can use the demo I’ve built to see how to wire the front end to the SAFE API.

The demo is live on alpha2 (safe://crud.svelte), and looks like this (more details on the dev forum):


You’re a frameworks butterfly @happybeing :butterfly: :wink:


Or a magpie, I like shiny things.


Me too! Unfortunately I have no idea what to do with them one I’ve dragged them back to my nest. I’ve just about got my head around React and was going to look at React Static, but I see you’ve already moved on.


I’m not sure if I’ve moved on. I am impressed with Svelte and it is ahead of React-Static in terms of resources and person-power. React-Static is still excellent, and may be better in some ways, but I don’t know either well enough to make an informed comparison. I like both and will keep an eye on both until I next want to build an app.

I’ll probably resume my Solid on SAFE work for now though. Solid have chosen React for its first SDK, so there are reasons I might want to follow that too.

Anyway, don’t let me stop you digging into whatever takes your fancy! :slight_smile:


greetings @happybeing.

Do you have anything in the pipeline you plan to build or ???


I have several projects on the go so I’m not planning to add to them, but that was also the case before Svelte caught my interest :thinking:

I think my main role here is to break new ground so others can build proper stuff, or take existing things and make them available on SAFE.


I thank you for that effort and am now looking at Svelte for a project I’ve had in mind for a while now.

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