SAFE web Standards

Yes there will be a lot of cross over from internet 1.0 to 2.0 but I think it’s obvious there will also be some changes. So what will be the new web standards of how the web on the SAFE network runs?

  • How does one create hyperlinks? Are we using safe:// or .safe or what?
  • How does the API work exactly and how does this affect how websites and web apps are built?
  • What languages will continue to work? Which ones will not?
  • Let’s get a SAFE plugin for Dummies manual because I guarentee you someone will need it. What happens when I host my site on SAFE and random dude #1 runs across it and has a hissy fit that they need a weird addon to view it?

Stuff like that and other issues I haven’t even thought of yet.

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Brilliant post!

These are the same questions I think a lot of us have, and every time a thread comes up for one of them there seems to be 300 replies debating which is best and then it kind of trails off without an answer.

How to create hyperlinks and how the file locations will look for data stored on SAFE (in both public and private settings) are some of the answers I am on the edge of my seat for, along with an API for super dummies guide!!

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