SAFE Web Proxy/Cache


Would a Web Proxy + Cache work efficiently on SAFE? You have, say, 10GB of structured data that caches webpages as they are requested. The most popular sites would remain in the cache continuously, being refreshed only when they change. Not sure how it might handle sites that require login. But for public sites, no more need for Tor, proxies or VPNs.

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So, a few years from now, I imagine starting up my thin client machine that has just enough OS to connect to SAFE, which then downloads an image of my preferred, secure desktop OS (think of Tails, but you get to customize it) which it then boots from, and then I access the web via “SAFE-Squid” as described above.

But here’s something even nicer: The download image might be customized to operate as a server rather than a desktop. I might then run any service I like on it, without looking over my shoulder.