SAFE vs Swarm/Ethereum

I read the old thread, but I’m still having trouble figuring out how SAFE will be different than Swarm? Is Swarm going to be used on the blockchain or are they blockchain free? Is SAFE just going to be way quicker?

What are the current proposed incentives and how do they compare/contrast in terms of bringing a user base?

I’m itching for a new internet browsing model as I see the current one as inherently flawed and leaves so many vulnerabilities to both the host and the client. So I’m just trying to understand what the main… and even small differences(in terms of bringing attraction) are. Thanks ahead of time!

My understanding of Swarm is:

Similar to SAFE:

Every piece of content in Swarm will be stored in the P2P network.

Different from SAFE:

Runs on the blockchain
Does not have the security/privacy features of SAFE (protecting IP addresses, etc)
Swarm is a file storage and transmission protocol specifically targeted toward static web content hosting. (meaning it will be able to host sites like SAFE, but will not necessary have the additional features of adding dynamic content, messaging, etc…)

If anyone else has more recent specifics or items not addressed in previous threads, feel free to add!

I think swarm is a great project and hope that both can learn from the other.


So does swarm have a way around the speed issues involved with running on the blockchain?

That, my friend, along with the massive size of the blockchain, is the billion dollar question…

There are some projects discussed here on the forum regarding payments, transaction speeds and storing the blockchain on the SAFE network that will keep you busy for…well as long as you can stand I would imagine. :slight_smile:

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Aren’t they just going to use IPFS and interact with the blockchain when necessary or is that out of the question?

That is possible, but offers no privacy. Plus for decentralizing, negative for security/privacy. SAFE offers privacy along with features such as deduplication of data that IPFS, as cool as it is, just can’t provide…will be interesting to see how it all shakes out…

Is it really true that IPFS can’t provide deduplication or it it’s Swarm that doesn’t support deduplication?

From An Introduction to IPFS:

Note the automatic deduplication of the file containing Hello World!\n, the data in this file is only stored in one logical place in IPFS (addressed by its hash).