Safe videochat function

I’ve done the forum search, but not sure what to make of it.
Is safe videochat going to be possible? If so, how soon? How difficult is it to implement?
I think this is important. More and more people rely on this to stay in touch with family or for cooperation with overseas working colleagues.
For the safenetwork to succeed, it has to show that it can do anything the old internet can and it needs to show that soon, so that it really is seen as the new big thing that it is…

This was discussed before. It won’t be in there at the start. It’s a bit harder than direct P2P like Skype. In our case we have several HOPS that add latency. It probably can be made in a SAFE way. No idea when.


We can ensure an authenticated secured connection. The downside will be it will be direct, so will expose your IP address to the other person, at least initially. This is why we are working hard on the new nat_traversal crate, seems we can now expect 100% penetration of even symmetric NAT and that is pretty huge, means full participation and less code for us in routing etc. This will be a huge benefit.