SAFE via Android

In lieu of a native app which we will have in time, it is possible to connect to the network on Android phones.

No root required.
Termux Android terminal emulator and Linux environment.
Andronix Linux Distros on your Android

You will need both apps, Andronix to install a Linux distro on your phone and Termux to interact with it.
It is possible to install a GUI but I have not tried.

Install both apps.
Open Termux and run pkg upgrade
Open Andronix and choose a Linux distribution. (Unless you have need for a full desktop environment I would go with CLI Only)
Andronix will walk you through the process.

Once the installation is complete on Andronix you will only use the Termux app to interact with SAFE as per network specific instructions.

I have successfully uploaded and downloaded data using my phone.


Maybe wishful thinking, but would this mean that phones could be a viable alternative for running nodes? Considering it has enough ram and memory? There should be enough laying in drawers all around around the world…


It seems possible, I tried briefly but the node stops due to NAT. I think using a vpn that supports port forwarding may work but have not tried that, yet.

Edit: If it is a old phone and will be used on a home network, perhaps port forwarding on your router may work too.

I will try as soon as I can unless… someone beats me to it!


Interesting! It would lower the threshold significantly to engage and contribute to the network and would allow to get SAFE mainstream in a faster way. I do not see the average users setting up a Raspberry Pi or a NAS at home. At least not in the beginning. But dusting off an old phone is something else. But maybe stability of the “mobile node” might be worse… considering wifi etc.


A lot of phones and tablets support USB OTG and it should be possible to connect them via USB-Ethernet adaptors.


One issue with using old phones that raises its ugly head is security of the OS. Most will have dangerously outdated Android versions and be susceptible to have the OS hacked or other APP on the phone that may be running intentionally or unintentionally.

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