SAFE Vault on Android! Tutorial (Root Required)

Just got a safe vault running on my Nexus 6. It was a bit of a hack and requires root with Linux Deploy. If there is any interest I will do a tutorial on how to set it up.

EDIT: Tutorial (root is required). There are a few other options for linux on android that don’t require root but I was not able to get them to install successfully.

Sorry to keep you all waiting!


  • Phone running Android
  • Internet connection

Step 1: Download and install Linux Deploy (this will take a while).

Step 2: Start Linux Deploy and install BusyBox from the link within.

Step 3: Click the download button seen at the bottom right of the Linux Deploy screen.

Step 4: Edit user information as you wish.

Step 5: Click to install and press ‘OK’ on the popup window.

Step 6: Wait for Linux to download and install…

It will be done when the below is shown.

Step 7: Go to the Linux machine settings and “Update ENV.”

Step 8: Start the Linux machine and ensure the SSH server does not fail.

Step 9: Install any SSH client on your phone, I have used JuiceSSH for this tutorial.

Step 10: Open JuiceSSH and add new connection with the address, port 22 and a new profile.

Step 11: Use the user information we changed in step 4.

Step 12: Start the SSH session.

Step 13: Accept all RSA warnings.

Step 14: Install curl with sudo apt-get install curl.

Step 15: Download and unzip safe_vault-v0.9.0-armv7.tar.gz with
curl -kL | tar zx

Step 16: Navigate to the safe_vault-v0.9.0-armv7 directory

cd safe_vault-v0.9.0-armv7

Step 17: Start your vault!



Woah merits: :dizzy: awesome! :dizzy:


YES. Yes, there IS interest!


Is this a screenshot of a ssh session? It could be a vault running in a linux box… There is no more evidence than a simple screenshot.

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Lol give the man a break, he’s not trying to sell you a house, he’s just showing something cool he did.

How about giving him the benefit of the doubt?

On topic, awesome, definitely interested in knowing more.


What evidence do you need for a demo… he’s offered to write a tutorial on how to do this. @Infining is a long standing forum member, so it doesn’t make sense to suggest this is a scam. We shall see, but it makes me wonder why you would post such an accusation.


Well done. Let’s see the tutorial.


Yes definitely would like a tutorial. Maybe this will help the devs develop a proper android version of the vault.


Wow, relax guys!! I’m not suggesting anything. At the moment this is just a screenshot. It could be anything that can show this vault outputs. Here everybody feels insulted or accused in a very easy way.

It would be nice to see how he did this. Based on what he had already said I assume he compiled vault for arm and ran it. Using linux deploy gives (almost) all what we need to run this.

Here everybody feels insulted or accused in a very easy way.

What you said was accusatory and insulting, so why be so surprised.


[quote=“Infining, post:1, topic:9960”]
I will do a tutorial on how to set it up.
[/quote] Awesome - yes please

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Ok… Let it be. I’m not here to insult or discuss. I don’t know why you have this need, though. You are exagerating this. Please, take it easy. This is not that important, man…

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What? You cant tell? Could it be what he says it is?

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Oh, come on! You are filling this thread of garbage. This is about vault on android guys!! Can we stick to the topic?

We can wait to @Infining, he will explain how he did this for sure :slight_smile:

@Infining how’s the battery holding up?


The thread would be clean if you had not posted that, or had refrained from dismissing what several of us have now told you was out of order, instead of acknowledging that you got it wrong and apologising. You’ve done yourself harm, I suggest you stop digging.


Ok… Peace. But I will not apologise because I did NOT insult to anybody in this thread.

wow!! Looks like it’s just juice ssh client controlling a Linux Machine.

Waiting for the tutorial btw :wink:

I’ll eat my words. That is a juice icon runnng on the screenshot. So if this is the case apologies in order to @johnlu

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As far as I know many Android ssh clients let you run a local shell in android. I’m just saying this screenshot proves nothing. So, we need to wait for more info about this :slight_smile: