SAFE USB (15 chars)

How about this… walk in to WHSmith, buy a safeUSB.
A non writable USB, just hardware. Pre-generated account.

Go home, plug in the usb to your laptop - no username or password, just store your files on this USB that only works if connected to the internet. A drive mounts automatically with your files, free to read.

Has one readable text file with a receiving address to top up your puts… or market it as top up your MB?

An unlimited storage device from the outside. Only need to worry about losing the device.

delux model: connect it directly to your wifi via a setup app instead of using your laptop link.
delux model 2: uses a sim card.

I think there are so many products that would appear around SAFE technology.

Want to buy a film? Do need to buy DVDs anymore.
Go to shop, buy a firmware SAFE drive with a unique generated account pointing to your copy of a film.

Boot from USB? Over a very fast network, run an OS install directly off the SAFE network if you have enough puts?

Endless ideas.


Pregenerated accounts make me worry, but the idea is so awesome :smiley:


There are now SBCs on a USB. A ARM computer with RAM and EEPROM and i believe wifi/bluetooth too.

So there is no reason a “Hardware USB” could be made that is “safe” couldn’t be made. My password hardware device I checking out (moolitpass) has a way to enter a pin too.

Maybe then you could market a USB device that generates all the required stuff once you enter the credentials into the USB device (Or sell some with preloaded credentials). You know generates the account, wallet address/ID mail keys etc. Once this is done once then its set and the device looks read only.

Thus you need to only enter the PIN correctly to be connected to the SAFE network. Give it the wifi password and it talks over wifi itself.

You can buy commercially credit card size SBCs for less than 10$ and make a dongle version. :slight_smile:

My moolitpass has a smart card that is plugged into it as extra security. The smart card could be the thing that holds the credentials encrypted and thus the hardware device is generic. Easy to transfer the smart card to any of these devices.


I guess I wonder if potentially nearly unlimited storage opens a window for mischief where procedures are sloppy. Maybe that’s no different from physical storage where procedures are sloppy. Things to think about I guess. Interesting concept.

This is the wrong topic for this question.

But since storing data will cost a little bit for each chunk people will become wiser to what and how they store data.

De-duplication will also reduce the disk wastage that now occurs where some files are on a lot of computers.


I think I see Neo. The discussion of the USB is one of a USB type dongle being a connection and access, rather than data.

I am a newby and appreciate your guidance. I get most of the more basic concepts but there is a lot to understand that is unique.

From what I gather the opening post of the topic presented the idea of a USB stick/dongle that did all the safenetwork connections plus logged into your account. Then you read/write to the USB stick as if it was a storage device or smart device that can send messages etc. This then allows safe site surfing, or file storage functionality without needing to remembering credentials and only need the physical device to use the account.

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