SAFE TV to expedite mass adoption

TV media broadcast is one of the most influential and pervasive means of communication. We all here obviously spend a significant portion of our day online happily, but every once and a while being able to sit back become engrossed in a show or general broadcast while simultaneously pondering about world events can be relaxing. SAFE presents the unique opportunity to create a customizable TV viewing experience potentially devoid of advertisement, pure composition of user defined content, and a distributed financing model. Content creators will now be able to directly garner support from interested parties via safecoin rather than having to rely on the whim of corporate entities who’s real motives and influences are uncertain.

Linking my television to SAFE TV with the ability select from a list of desired content and topics of interest would be a dream come true. Paying exorbitant prices for cable television to then have to remember broadcast times, scan a bunch of channels for interesting content and to have on top of that waste my life waiting through repetitive commercials is disheartening. Sure I could stream shows online, but It requires too much user interaction. The convenience of being able to create 3 or 4 customized channels, sit back and relax all the while knowing that you’re being fed only desired content is IMO a big selling point. This alone could easily legitimize SAFE. This would save me alone almost $200 monthly, $2400 yearly! Another positive aspect of this is content control for those with children. Scrambling to filter shit would be a thing of the past. No longer will have to worry about commercials or shows that promote materialism and superficiality to an impressionable child that will inevitably further warp the concepts into some potentially destructive expression. A new generation of smart open minded and rational children that value people over property will emerge. Adults will in this new paradigm be given doses of relevant information that will help them to maintain focus on issues of interest without being bombarded with emotionally charged content specifically designed to confuse and hyper excite the amygdala. Alternative news coverage could finally get a mainstream foothold. Disinformation by corporate or government interests will fade into history. Come on people, lets make SAFE TV happen :blush:


You do realize however that you’d need to build the hardware for this and that the reason cable TV works is it has it’s own cable backbone inferstructure to back it up, again another hardware issue. So essentially what you’re talking about is creating a nice UI that streams content from SAFE using custom preset playlists and is funded using safecoin. Does that about cover it?


I like the idea of taking away the master narrative clowns primary medium by direct displacement and especially the idea of having an honest level playing field back end. I think much of this could be accomplished by popcorn time on SAFE with saves econ model plus tips and also unsponsored SAFE search. I like how you will bring in the Indie and it looks like the implements to do that will be there.

But there is an important and almost primal caution. Its in Mcluhans “the medium is the message.” While you will replace the terrible consolidated verticality of TV with something more multi input, TV is after all a one way medium, which does imply top down. About its only input is search or channel changing. Also it presents a target for the displaced clowns try to attack. They’d take an ad free netflix and try to attack it with clowns on the board, wanting more sponsored content, wanting to do miss info that try to insist sponsorship is value added or leads to better quality content when time and time again its been showing that isn’t true and will never be true as the sponsorship perverts everything. And in the case of Netflix its recycling sponsored content. So displaced clowns would seek refuge in what they can identify with by trying to subvert it.

If you have Safecoins then they’ll be used to pay for the content. How exactly would you save? Content still would cost something to produce and while you can auction your attention to advertisers you would still have to pay by some means.

True but since content is stored on SAFE you could pay once and not have to buy again. You could buy a show episode by episode as you watched it or buy the whole series and then watch it over and over whenever you liked. Also this would give writers an idea of when they were doing something wrong or right. If your audience is enraptured and you’re making peak sales in seasons 1 and 2 but in season 3 they drop by half you know they aren’t liking something you’ve introduced or taken away. So you kill off a character or bring someone back or introduce someone new and run with it.

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Not necessarily true. I would think micropayments could be pay per stream. In fact it makes the most sense if you pay with your attention by watching some ads, or you pay per stream. It doesn’t make economic sense for you to pay once and only once if you’re using micropayments.

All I can say is this is a lot more complicated to figure out than it appears right now.

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Economic sense for who? It makes the same kind of economic sense for me to buy dishes and cookware and cook my own food vs going out to eat at a resturaunt. If I’m watching something a lot then it makes more sense to buy it and own it than to pay to stream it over and over again. And who would pay to stream in the first place? This is why I don’t have netflix, because all it is is a paid stream. I’m not paying money for a stream! If I can’t download it and keep the data I’m not dishing out cash for it. A paid stream is equivilant to renting by the minute. I for one am not interested in renting anything. I want to actually own what I dish my cash out for.

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Mine something, like some Safecoin, and then use it to stream.

You’re still paying for data you don’t get to keep. It makes more economic sense to download it once and keep a copy of it. What makes better economic sense. Rent a dvd over and over again or buy the dvd? Same concept.

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That’s about it. A custom pi or compute stick of some sort could do the job. Htpc’s have been built for years now. There is no lack of competency in that department. Now to extend it to SAFE is the only other challenge aside from the associated intricacies.

Pre-generated content will undoubtably be provided for free. Algorithms can be plugged in to allow capturing from multiple sources. The distributed model of financing will be used to fund or support future content. Once a certain funding threshold is met, no furher grants are necessary. Donations are welcome but greed isn’t supported. The concept is indeed debatable but encourages a community-centric valuation on ones art and productions.

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Are you saying that organized provision of copyrighted content on wholesale scale would legitimize SAFE?

I can see how this can be attractive to content consumers, but it “legitimize” is a poor choice to describe that. Content providers wannabes must be shitting their pants.

With this new viewer focused televising approach, such dog and pony shows will quickly diminish in value and luster. Sponsorship under the premise of greater quality will persist like a stubborn parasitic infect but will inevitably fall to our inter personal perpetuation of our cognitive mycelium :wink: Catalyzing the transmutation of oxalates into nourishment for our planetary hive readying it for further expansion. More deprivation and contamination under the guise of appeasement and phantom alacritation sees it’s cessation. Never will this planetary organism in it’s life be more resistant to such infection. For even top down precipitates are susceptible to atmospheric conditions. Stagnicity will have lost it’s appeal.


Stagnicity will have lost its appeal!

I knew you were coming with that argument. :yum: Yes you Mr Prodder…Mooo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Legitimizing the use of SAFE as a platform but not necessarily for the aforementioned application. The more use and attention it receives from ordinary users, the more it would legitimize it as a distribution vector. BitTorrent is the perfect example. Better yet, they’ll have to move mountains to shut it down. Man, I just love to be SAFE!

If you can keep paying for it then there is more money for producers of content. We are talking about content not data. Producers of content need to make a ROI in terms of time or how will they be able to eat food and sleep in a warm shelter?

Where is all this money supposed to come from if there is no way to earn? Where is the money to come from if artists can’t make money? This isn’t to say you have to go with the streaming model but artists should seek to make as much money as possible and we should defend the artists because without them there is no new content.

Pay per play in the form of micropayments is fair. The more you listen, the more they get paid. If an artist gets a few pennies per play, this is better than a few pennies per download. These artists then go to contribute to the SAFE Network economy as a whole and if SAFE Network isn’t friendly to artists then you’ll just create millions of enemies of SAFE Network who will choose some other network.

No content should be free. Even algorithms require money to create and evolve, and in my opinion with micropayments even algorithms can get paid. It might seem ridiculous but AI can accept micropayments which can go toward a self improving economy for AI. The algorithm would simply save it’s money, and then pay humans to upgrade it, allowing software development to be profitable.

Giving away everything for free only means you’re signaling that whatever the content is, is simply worthless. Micropayments can be flexible enough that everything can have a price, even if it’s extremely low.

I would say give everything a price so it’s factored in the economy somehow, and if it’s created by algorithm then it can be cheaper, but by giving it a price you actually make a SAFE Network economy and bring true value to Safecoin which only exists as a sort of value accounting mechanism.

If something is valuable it can be worth 0.001 or 1000 and it doesn’t matter because you can move the decimal points to account for all things. Pregenerated content can be so cheap that no one even cares that it has a price, but other content can have a high price. This is necessary or content producers will not use SAFE Network and it will also result in bad PR for SAFE Network.

Maybe the bad PR is unavoidable, but a lot more thought has to go into how to protect content producers. An economy, a real economy, has to be more than just miners and programmers. Bitcoin is just miners and programmers which is why not a lot of people who aren’t of that demographic are making daily use of Bitcoins. Micropayments is the only way to change that and SAFE Network would be better at micropayments.

On the other hand free might sound nice from a political perspective but even Richard Stallman says “free” means freedom not free as in free beer.

Infinite royalties are unreasonable. It is one thing to want to live comfortably. To gather a massively disproportionate amount of wealth based on ROI interests is reflective of ones greed. I personally support no gluttony by intrinsic choice. Reciprocity is necessary in our current system and a result forces us to value our work by way of exchange. Limitless siphoning of resources on the other hand almost always leads to destabilization and radical financial asymmetry. Further support should left to those who can afford to continue relinquishing wealth.

Donations are welcome, please click here for continued support.

Sound good?

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Not everyone likes or wants to be poor. Content producers should have the opportunity to get rich just like programmers, just like miners, just like anyone else.

Infinite royalties are technically feasible and not unreasonable. First the economy itself inflates infinitely so when you say infinite royalties you have to factor in that fiat buying power goes down over time and people need “infinite income” whether it be passive income in the form of royalties, or something else. Without this income people will not be able to maintain themselves or their families.

Some people are capitalists who don’t want to live off donations, or off tax dollars. People who want to be capitalists should have the option to use SAFE Network in a manner aligned with their principles. Finally you have to consider there is a huge difference between charity and self sufficiency.

If a person gets passive income for life from content they generated then they can be self sufficient. If a person asks for donations then they have to live off charity. There is a lot less financial security in charity than there is in passive income from streams.

If we are talking about micropayments there is no reason not to do it. You’re going to complain about paying half a penny per stream? Of course in the current economy I understand why people can complain, there are middle men taking money, there are advertisers in the middle who don’t really have to be, but in the future in order to unlock content maybe you have to mine with your CPU or with your harddrive. If you can’t do this then maybe you think the content is worthless?

But it still costs resources to produce.

I think you value money too greatly. The intelligent management of earths resources would yield a comfortable and plentiful life for everyone. Artificial scarcity is what currently drives our current economy and guarantees a social divide among “classes”. Most who explore their passion would continue without financial incentives if the economic model allowed. AI/SI’s that utilized monetary exchange for evolution would experience perversely finite growth as it would thus be contaminated by short sighted human ideals. In a world uncontaminated by greed, passion would be the driving force behind creative action. Empty incentives like paper garbage with wildly fluctuating value backed by nothing but a promissory status will eventually fade into obscurity. Humanity is young, still suckling on the tit of ignorance and outdated concepts. One day humanity will stand firm sifting through the remnants of our diseased past.