SAFE Trusted CA?

This could be a totally off-the-mark idea…but for one reason or the other, mailny because in need of purchasing an SSL certificate, I came to consider whether a …service? Or the entire network itself (SAFE network) could act as a trusted CA, and therefore issue SSL certificates…wild idea but you know, talking about potential killer apps…


Where we’re going, we don’t need a CA.

The whole network is encrypted.



Sure :+1:!
But on the way to full adoption… Inevitable! Agreed!!..such an app/service would definitely raise the SAFE profile

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The idea is to get everybody onto the SAFE Network, so they can have privacy and security. No disrespect, but the only thing raising the SAFE Network’s profile is people using it. Those that want to stay on clearnet, can go ahead and have fun getting hacked.

Hmmmm I don’t know what the routing lib could do, but who cares about clearnet?

Ssl has been tried by many (Whisper Systems, okTurtle and Lets encrypt) with little success it seems.

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I think it is a great idea to have new spins on clear net tech. SAFENetwork could be the open back end to a number of services.

Distributed DNS for example. You could run a local client and just resolve clear net domains directly against the records stored on SAFENetwork. No need for DNS servers. No way to block it. Obviously, wrap it with a traditional DNS server for backwards compatibility too.

These sort of apps will ease people into SAFENetwork, IMO.


Completely agree.
Let’s not forget that, even in the most optimistic scenario, there will be a looong period of coexistence of the 2(?) nets…


Everything boils down to costs to run your app/website, those who didn’t catch up to the internet, paid the price for it. Likewise those who don’t catch up to the SAFE Network…

Btw, just to add to this - it could be done with existing DNS software and a SAFENetwork drive mount for backwards compatibility. You could even run a local DNS server in the same way. Packaged up nicely, it would be pretty easy for users. Just spit balling anyway!


@Traktion That’s definitely an interesting application of the idea that SAFENetwork could actually be extremely useful during the coexistence period. What intrigues me in the idea of acting as a Trusted CA is the fact that SAFE itself is based on cryptography, and therefore I was wondering whether there is an intrinsic advantage in using some of its low-level functions to operate as a Certificate Authority. Should probably do a bit more research on the aerver authentication process…

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