SAFE SecureDrop alternative

Whistleblowers are increasingly targeted by authorities all over
the world and often jailed for a long time if caught, even though
their revelations are in the public interest, and journalists are
under surveillance as never before.
How’s about someone talented, as a matter of priority, develop a
simple and secure application for investigative journalists to
communicate with sources? Something like SecureDrop, which many no
longer trust because the FBI has almost certainly cracked Tor. As the
underlying network is secure with no third parties involved a simple
messaging system would do the job and the rest would be promoting the

Journos and whistlebowers have a real need met (see link), SAFE
gets written about, a virtuous circle is created.


This will be a given on SAFE.

What will also be is that the journalists and even their sources can post directly and be uncensored. What a journalist is, is changing on a bunch of levels already with the current internet. SAFE is a whole step (or several) further, and our conceptions of how we get news, etc., will change completely over time.

SAFE is a game changer on a bunch of levels.