Safe SDK for early app developers

So, safe is really inspiring, as an app developer I want to start creating an app built upon the safe network. When can we expect to get our hands on a safe sdk for apps? Also, I really want to work on mobile apps, when will we see android and ios binaries? It would be great if the safe network stack could be ported to javascript so apps utilizing the safe network would be able to be embedded in standard web pages for storage and cache.

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Hi @veqtor

I don’t know when we’ll have an SDK but you can start working on things already. You can build the libraries from source, but mobile is not quite there yet - almost though (search for ARM) - but it’s not the only option not the best IMO.

Personally I’d prefer to cover multiple platforms including mobile, as far as possible without binaries - by building web apps that talk to the safe_launcher. I’m working on this right now but it’s a new area for me so slow but steady progress when I get the time.

If that interested you, take a look at the source code for the safe_launcher and safe_demo apps for example (both node.js / electron) or you can access the safe_launcher API directly from client side javascript (i.e. a web app in the browser). A couple of forum members have already created code and wrappers that show others how to do this, and you can use their code if you like, although it is alpha/pre-alpha at this stage

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