SAFE Ripoffs or coincidences?

Is it just me or are other companies copying much of maids tech without giving any acknowledgement or credit?

Came across this from Storj.
Introducing KFS: a local file store inspired by Kademlia” @storjproject

Farmers, kademlia, s-buckets… blatant rip off or just coincidence?

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Immitation is a good sign: that others realise that MaidSafe are on the right track with SAFEnetwork.

Some is taken from this project (‘farming’ was suggested in this forum by a community member and adopted by MaidSafe), some is probably just a known solution to certain kinds of problem, but not to worry IMO. So long as we get a SAFEnetwork :slight_smile:

Agreed, imitation is a proof of the value :slight_smile:

What is a shame though is when credit is not given where credit is due.
I was reading IOTA whitepaper a while back, and same there, the tangle concept was eeringly similar to the Safenetwork.