SAFE Pod Zoetermeer The Netherlands

I found a place in Zoetermeer the Netherlands to make home to a future SAFE pod. The space costs 200 euro’s per month to rent G/W/E included, is there somebody else who is interested to share this experimental space? We can have SAFE Network instruction hours, hackathons and a lot more crazy stuff.

Check out the space here

Ik heb een ruimte gevonden in Zoetermeer voor slechts 200 euro per maand, met G/W/E inclusief. Is er iemand anders hier, die interesse heeft om dit experimentele ruimte te delen? We kunnen in de toekomst SAFE instructrie huren hebben, hackathons en nog veel andere gekkigheid.



Is there 24/7 access? Sometimes want to hackathon into the night :smile:


Is that cheap or normal pricing for The Netherlands?

Looks like a good size too.



Yes there is 24/7 access, I think and didn’t find any mentions of time based access.

That cheap is not a normal price in The Netherlands, but this phenomena is called “Antikraak” in The Netherlands. You can rent homes/spaces for dirt cheap to prevent squatting. Maybe this is also a tip for other people in The Netherlands to start their own SAFE pods for dirt cheap. The only thing that’s missing at the place is internet access. In Zoetermeer that’s € 55, with 200/40 Mbit/s Internet. My total cost to setup the SAFE Pod would be € 260 max. But I could make like € 300, per month with hackathons and other stuff. It’s not really about the money, it’s more about having a place where people can come together to learn more about The SAFE Network and fool around with code & hardware.

If there are other people in The Netherlands that want their own SAFE Pod check out these workspaces and let’s KICK ASS IN THE NETHERLANDS


I was first a bit sceptical on the location ;), but Zoetermeer is in between Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft and Leiden.

Yup on top of that, Zoetermeer is suppose to be the place where ICT is really ALIVE in The Netherlands. But I guess I have to do my best harder to get more people in “SweetLake City” to know about the SAFE Network. There are some schools (5 schools) close to this location also, so I could “tell the truth to the youth” about this new magnificent shining internet. So really fun times ahead.

If only people could occupy the other workspaces that I mention above, then we could quickly learn from each other to optimize our SAFE Pods. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps @BenMS if your ever in The Netherlands again, please come to Zoetermeer and eat at the restaurant where I work (It’s an all you can eat treat) I’ll pay for your meal. It’s not like I’m rich like Oprah Winfrey, but every Core dev deserves a all you can eat meal. You can take along friends, but I’m not paying for them, because I’m just a regurlar machoman…

That’s pretty cool, I didn’t know about this real-estate protection in the Netherlands… I’m from Belgium some 211km away from Zoetemeer but I don’t think we have it here (although I couldn’t find it direct by searching for it)
Cool greetz …

Yo bro I found you some of these in Belgium, but keep in mind they are temporarily.

[Check here][1]

I hope that you can also set up your dirt cheap SAFE Pod soon. They also got livingspaces…

Just Google “Belgium Antikraak”

Good :stuck_out_tongue: luck