SAFE over Software Defined Networks

I wonder if Virtual PCIe is useful for testing SAFE over SDN based routers…or if it’s solely for testing OS of these devices.

From this article

Virtual PCIe delivers a “shift left” in software defined networking emulation.

Virtual PCIe and Ethernet virtual machines address the big device management channel requirements for HW and SW co-verification in emulation, with virtual machines achieving greater functional coverage.

Advanced development considerations highlight how checkpoint save/restore, protocol analyzer, SW configuration flexibility, ease of use and advanced debug features are markedly improved and combined into a single virtualization methodology platform.

Virtual PCIe is the right tool for SDN, accelerating the move to virtual emulation for developers working in this space. It enables applications to interact with the emulation DUT just as if it were real silicon sitting on the bench, making it the ideal methodology for HW/SW co-verification.

Figure 1 Virtual PCIe3 Control and Data Path Overview

Figure 2 Virtual Ethernet Device Architecture

Figure 3 Virtual PCIe Protocol Analyzer