SAFE on mobile?

What is the future of SAFE on mobile ? any advantage compared to other mobile application ? I try to think of what are the great use cases of SAFE on a cellphone. Could someone enlighten me ?

I often think about this but I think it comes down to how they implement the network on mobile. If you have complete access to your virtual drive then basically you can do anything I imagine. I would use it to securely stream my music and hold pictures of loved ones, browse the network like I do the current Internet. There will be many apps eventually. I think we have a wait for mobile though… But I’m looking forward to it! And I’ll be sticking around to watch history be made

Some discussions of SAFE on mobile and it’s possibilities.

Does Android and IOS and Blackberry work with the maidsafe network?

Can SafeCoin be mined on mobiles?

Non-persistent vaults

Some app ideas I found.

Mobincube for Knowledge Dissemination
‘Topple the Oppressor’ mobile app
mobile video recording app

I am sure there is a lot more information here and some great ideas. Enjoy.

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