SAFE Network Weekly Update Video - Dec 13, 2018

Sarah talks us through an overview of activities from the SAFE Network.

As always - we’d love to hear your feedback.



ZzzZzZzzzZz :weary:
a long path to walk to present something minimally “digestible”.
For instance:


Not the most constructive feedback @max
The waves video is very nice and polished but damn I can’t help but wonder how much time and money was spent on it in the end. I’m sure once you streamline the process it’s probably not so bad but taking devs away from work is not the best idea for @maidsafe especially since everyone is already contributing to the written update already AFAIK.

What’s up with the waves people all sounding like paid actors? That’s awesome if they’re that skilled but not everyone possesses that on top of their actual hired qualifications.

I do agree these updates could use a bit of a punch up in energy, speaking, perhaps some back ground music. Don’t think there needs to be a visual team working on an intro, transitions, etc but still a ways to go to get the desired out come. Hopefully that critique is helpful and not seen as judgement. It takes a lot of effort and grit to prepare and film these things.

I do love the outline and the office is an excellent background. Video quality is on point :ok_hand:


Sarah appears to be reading from a “teleprompter”/rolling script. The script does not seem to be rolling fast enough for her to read in a natural way. Maybe some practice in using this method could help to make Sarah’s delivery a bit more natural. I am sorry to be critical, but I think this could have been improved with a second take. Maybe some rehearsal? The format is fine.


Very good IMO. Each iteration gets better too, and i think not much needs to be changed if anything in terms of the format or method. Things will be tweaked and will improve naturally with time. So well done @SarahPentland and others.

Only specific point to check for me is the sound level, which was low on my phone. Did anyone else experience that?

EDIT: The sound level on the Waves video is indeed higher. They do a good job and using different voices, cuts, and on screen graphics do add to the experience. It’s a matter of using resources effectively, and developing over time ( skills, experience, testing ideas). But the MaidSafe video is already more than good enough :slight_smile:

The technology is going to blow Devs and business people away as each stage is available and some try it out, then share with their networks. The value of slicker, high cost marketing will be later IMO, when the demographic becomes the general public. Plenty of time to get to that point.


I quite like it actually :slight_smile:
suggestion from my side would be to give the updates standing instead of sitting.
It gives more presence. In front of the wall with the MaidSafe logo looked quite
good in my opinion.


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I think the written updates are fantastic. I would get rid of the video updates altogether. People always expect videos to be entertaining. You do not have any professional entertainers on staff. If you must have video updates, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Edit the video update so there is less material presented. I think the video should be 2 minutes or less. Even professionals cannot be interesting for more than 5 minutes or so. I think about 3/4 of what you have in the written update should be eliminated in the video update. Remember, people can skim the written update so if something isn’t interesting, it’s OK. The video update is much less flexible.
  2. Raise the volume so it’s really easy to hear.
  3. Have the narrator speak much more slowly. The complex technical material is easier to follow when reading, much tougher on video.
  4. Be sure to promote the written update in the video update. The video update should support the written update.
  5. Provide a written transcript of the video update. That helps people follow along, plus any links referenced in the video update will be provided.

I hope this is tactful enough. You’ll be thrilled to know I edited out some of my more pointed observations because I was worried they would hurt people’s feelings.

I really think people watch videos to see cute dogs, kittens, and people having funny accidents and pranking each other. Also, music and movies lend themselves to the video format. The intellectual material in your written update is just too dignified and complicated for the video format.