SAFE network web development section

I keep running into questions about web development on the SAFE network. Like finding detailed tutorials on JSON and javascript and how to apply them to SAFE. Or all the dozens of questions about how to do this or that on developing websites on SAFE. It seems to me perhaps we need a SAFE web development section of the forum.

Maybe a subcategory of development, it is certainly popular? Although many posts would really be of interest to web and none web development - most stuff has something to do with SAFE API for example, so it has a downside too if that gets filed where none web developers might miss it.

I think we need to hear from developers on this.

We could encourage people to tag their topics with certain keywords more.

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Myself I just want some help figuring out javascript and json so I can build a dynamic photo gallery on SAFE. I don’t even need it to be fancy at this point. I just want it to store a database of photos and then loop and display the photos. Simple and the we’ll work from there.

Best I can suggest for that is to search out places for those particular things.

People in this forum might help a bit, but are mostly focused on working out the SAFE API, their own ideas and how to design them in this very different kind of system.

I suggest you look for coding forums and communities tackling things more like what you are trying to learn, and try the online tutorials and courses, or work through a book. Then ask for help on those forms when you get stuck.

I’m in a similar position myself with AngularJS for example. Not much point asking here when really I just need to go read and work through examples. I’m impatient though, and it takes me a lot of time.

Leaving this stuff is a long hard slog - but once it starts to gell a bit you’ll get why we do it. It’s an amazing achievement, because it is hard.