Safe Network Virtual Meetup

It has been a while since we could gather in person and it may be a while longer before we can again.

I have been thinking about setting up a VR meetup using Spatial

The success thereof weighs heavily on how many folk have access to vr so I am going to place a little poll below to gauge interest.

Edit: it appears anyone can join via a browser if you do not have VR.

For those not familiar with Spatial it is a VR application that allows you to simply hang out, do presentations, show videos, import figma files you name it, all while meeting with others as a virtual you.

Would you attend a Virtual Reality Safe Network Meetup
  • Yes
  • No

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That sounds awesome! I have access to an oculus so I’ll have to check it out. Not sure if I could make a meet up anytime soon but this is something I’ll have to partake in at some point for sure.


Nice idea but unclear if that’s limited to those with some vr headset or if it fallsback to 2D and available to all.


Good question, but it seemed clear to me.

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It seems you can use a pc monitor to participate so it is much more accessible than I thought.


I don’t have VR.

It looks like it has been opened up to browsers to for 2D participation.

This is great as it allows anyone to join in.

I will set up a space and perhaps we can have a dry run without too much planning to test the waters.

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I have started setting up a space, should be available 24/7 to access and hangout.
Anyone can access it via this link Safe Space using a headset is recommended.

I am not loving the browser experience but I have also not given it much of a chance.

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It’s a good idea… if it does work… I’m waiting still for the verification email to login. :expressionless:
Opportunity later perhaps to invite those signed up to meetup groups - if there is not some limit on numbers attending one room.

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I think it is 20 with headsets, more can join via webcam.

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I created a test account with an avatar, but it looks like I can’t change my password without some special privileges. That feels strange. I looked at this thing via Firefox on Linux.

That seems odd!
I did see you logged in!

The downside to visiting via a browser is that nothing appears interactive and you can not move around the space.

Obviously it is better than nothing, from what I can tell it only allows you to view the person giving a presentation.

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