The wonderful Marina Abramovic would count rice but when I have time and zen to spare, I prefer doing something that outputs something. So, here are +10 auto-translations of safe://network the choice of which follows from a suggestion of the current most frequent languages used for websites.


The original and best is at safe://network

+German - safe://network.translated/de

+Spanish - safe://network.translated/es

+Persian - safe://network.translated/fa

+French - safe://network.translated/fr

+Japanese - safe://network.translated/ja

+Portugese - safe://network.translated/pt

+Russian - safe://network.translated/ru

+Turkish - safe://network.translated/tr

+Chinese-Simplified - safe://network.translated/zh

+Chinese-Traditional - safe://network.translated/zh-hk

It was mostly straightforward but the method, of dumping via html2text; auto-translating; and putting back, became time consuming where search-replace trips over links that it lost sight of; still, even with manual effort fell on the side of value/time.

File under: “I’ve started so I’ll finish!”; and “this is art not science”

Not expecting to do much more with this. If you want to grab the files and fix difference safe files cat is your friend, listing individual files and option then to download all - I expect that CLI somewhere has a sync option but I’m not familiar yet with that to suggest it.

There will be errors!

Error: I don’t even speak *language
Error: oops There are a few broken links in the code where background links named “Home” were replaced but not a show stopper.
Error: oddly the base other files are not easily integrated; too often it gives blank screen, which should not happen and seems to be a symptom of the designer forcing behaviour. Example that simply has the base files is at safe://hnyynyzew41agzo66b7qd46p6uz8t53nea7z1q67uq37npdposq5iqz914bnc - I haven’t tried stripping the .js that likely cause that difficulty but then expect that the text content is more useful than the graphics and other English media.