SAFE Network to guarantee the future of free speech?

When I first heard about the SAFE network I thought it would be amazing for citizens of banana republics to be able to express their opinions without fear of retribution. 4-5yrs later this argument now applies to most of the developed world, if not all of the developed world, if not the entire planet.

It’s got to a point where I think that there is little hope for humanity if we continue to rely on the likes of Google and Facebook as intermediary for content. This is particularly valid as governments and their enforcers appear keener to prevent “hate speech”, whatever that may be, than they are to prevent real crimes. After all it must be easier and more comfortable to sit at desk monitoring twitter than it is to be out there arresting Pakistani rape gangs in northern England and risking their career for being tarnished a racist for doing so. The liberal left are so concerted in their efforts and so effective in their methods to suppress alternative views (often destroying livelihoods in the process) that it just isn’t worth the risk of putting these views out there (look at the guy at Google who got fired for a fact-based paper on gender differences).

Not sure how we got into this mess but I am so excited for the future of free speech if this project delivers on its plans. My biggest fear is that TPTB shut it down before it even gets going.