SAFE Network - TEST 6

Maybe there is a bug there in the counter?

I don’t understand… are you suggesting the limit is only two 23MB file?.. max single file size is 50MB but as per OP:

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I must have been crossed eyed. 23MB ~= 24 chunks sorry. for some reason I was thinking 50MB max.

So it seems you should have been able to upload 20 files not 2 as I mistakenly was thinking.

Holds head in shame and hopes no one sees my errors :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey, everyone @neo is human too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello! Uploading file 99% success and stopped on that.

Now also when try login/register Launcher says: Invalid login, pin, password.

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I don’t know if everyone else is experiencing the same thing but:

  • The DEMO app takes forever to initialize, and it is practically unresponsive.
  • The Vault is eating up all my bandwidth, it makes browsing impossible.
  • One curious observation: The max characters for the service (subdomain) was always 63 chars max included before the network reset, but it seems that now it is 62 max. I find this interesting, and I wonder how this could have been changed is that network enforced? Was this on purpose or just an accident?
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Browsing clearnet or safenet sites? I’m not having an issue with normal browsing and don’t have huge bandwidth.

There’s been no reset of Test6 that I can see… content put up relatively early on www1.udhr.safenet is still there.

To see other’s experience look to the the Test6 thread

No reset? It is weird then, I have nothing in my public directory.

Launcher issues and messaging confusions more likely. There’s something wrong from the start with uploading and failed uploads then blocking retry. If you try again to upload, you might see directory exists, despite it’s not being obvious. Try again with new accounts.

It detects duplicate public ID though, right?
I find it strange though that it doesn’t allow 63 chars max now, is it maybe a side effect of something else?

This session detailed below looked to check only one url = http://thx.anon.safenet yet spawned all these requests and didn’t obviously make progress.

I also couldn’t login to yvette.safenet and having had a problem downloading from that yesterday, wonder that something was lost since the time it was working.


  1. I started the Launcher.
    –> browsing .safenet works fine

  2. I created a new account.
    –> browsing .safenet gives me {“errorCode”:-1005,“description”:“DnsError::DnsConfigFileNotFoundOrCorrupted”}

  3. restart Launcher.
    when not logged in: browsing works
    when logged in : browsing fails

I’ve made a 13MB docker image for the ones interested in running vaults inside docker…

its version 0.10.4 of vault binary (no time enough to compile myself but you can check the chksum if you want yourself)


All works now on OSX 10.9.5 , I don’t know what you guys did today
to the network though , I had to quit my vault as I am running all on
a mobile limited data connection ( paying the gigs ) and the MB in
receiving mode are counting up very fast , by the seconds … :slight_smile:

Keep the good work up and improving , I hope to be soon able to
connect it again through a proper ADSL with unlimited data transfer .

Right now , I am only running the launcher and demo app
as they don’t consume much of my current internet allowance .

I tested the mystats site and could see my node joining the counter .
The galaxy looks good as well . Other sites are browsable , too .

These are the early hours of the new , decentralised SAFE internet :ant:

I will test more features , as soon as I’m back in civilisation …

Can we have also an in-app logout feature for the launcher/demo-app ?


Had quit my vault last night for a little after my credentials would’t work in launcher (unrelated i know). I actually had to create a new account this morning after trying over and over, so it seems as though my account was lost as i created another account with same credentials. Anyways I got this from my vault this morning on restart and wanted to share, first time this has happened to me on both counts. #support

Running safe_vault v0.10.4

INFO 10:45:19.029976000 [routing::core] Client(b2a684…) Attempting to start listener.
INFO 10:45:19.361511000 [routing::core] Client(b2a684…) Sending GetNodeName request with: PublicId(name: b2a684…). This can take a while.
INFO 10:45:41.966002000 [routing::core] Client(7544c9…) Added 72dfcd… to routing table.
INFO 10:45:41.968263000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
INFO 10:45:41.968284000 [routing::core] | Node(7544c9…) PeerId(4860…) - Routing Table size: 1 |
INFO 10:45:41.968298000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
INFO 10:45:41.990670000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Added 74cf84… to routing table.
INFO 10:45:41.990702000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
INFO 10:45:41.990711000 [routing::core] | Node(7544c9…) PeerId(4860…) - Routing Table size: 2 |
INFO 10:45:41.990719000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
INFO 10:45:42.209993000 [safe_vault::personas::maid_manager] Stats - 1 client accounts.
INFO 10:45:43.690251000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Added 4552f8… to routing table.
INFO 10:45:43.690444000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
INFO 10:45:43.690457000 [routing::core] | Node(7544c9…) PeerId(4860…) - Routing Table size: 3 |
INFO 10:45:43.690465000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
thread ‘IGD-Address-Mapping’ panicked at ‘failed to create an OS RNG: Error { repr: Os { code: 24, message: “Too many open files” } }’, …/src/libcore/
note: Run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 for a backtrace.
thread ‘Crust PeerId(4860…) event loop’ panicked at ’

| Result evaluated to Err: Any |

', /Users/travis/.cargo/registry/src/
INFO 10:46:01.971971000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Connection to PeerId(6b37…) failed. Calling crust::Service::disconnect.
INFO 10:46:01.972041000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Dropped 72dfcd… from the routing table.
INFO 10:46:01.972076000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Error sending message to PeerId(6b37…): Crust(MioNotify(NotifyError::Closed(…))).
INFO 10:46:01.972111000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Connection to PeerId(42f8…) failed. Calling crust::Service::disconnect.
INFO 10:46:01.972131000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Dropped 74cf84… from the routing table.
INFO 10:46:01.972148000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Error sending message to PeerId(42f8…): Crust(MioNotify(NotifyError::Closed(…))).
INFO 10:46:01.972164000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Connection to PeerId(f199…) failed. Calling crust::Service::disconnect.
INFO 10:46:01.972182000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Dropped 4552f8… from the routing table.
INFO 10:46:01.972208000 [routing::core] Node(7544c9…) Error sending message to PeerId(f199…): Crust(MioNotify(NotifyError::Closed(…))).
INFO 10:46:01.972230000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
INFO 10:46:01.972241000 [routing::core] | Node(7544c9…) PeerId(4860…) - Routing Table size: 0 |
INFO 10:46:01.972249000 [routing::core] ---------------------------------------------------------
WARN 10:46:01.973323000 [safe_vault::vault] Restarting Vault
thread ‘Node thread’ panicked at ’

| Result evaluated to Err: Any |

', /Users/travis/.cargo/registry/src/
thread ‘’ panicked at ’

| Result evaluated to Err: Any |

', /Users/travis/.cargo/registry/src/
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…
Deleting expired sessions…82 completed.

[Process completed]

Edit: So i’m bummed i lost my account and data, also seems others safe sites serve me up errors but i’ll try restarting launcher after i finish uploading some bigger files. But on a more positive note it seems the vault still runs while my computers asleep! Someone please tell me that i’m correct, so cool! i remember Test 5 putting my computer to sleep would stop the vault.

I did this too… having lost access; obviously that shouldn’t be possible.
The PublicID wasn’t available to reregister in the same way. Demo App GUI didn’t give an error, just fell back to the input of the PublicID… so could do with a message where PublicID is not available. Also then the Launcher still sat there suggesting Create Long Name + Status:In Progress… so Launcher and App not in the same place on that confusion.

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