SAFE Network - Test 16


Cool you are testing, you actually shouldn’t have to run the Launcher and Demo_app at all. It’s just uploading (all data gets encrypted and chunked and spread over the network). So whenever someone requests your site it comes out of the network even if you are offline for several days.

About the data missing, what I’ve learned is that the network was under attack. Normally one should pay some Safecoin to create an account or to store some data. Without Safecoin one could quite easily attack the network. They can’t get it offline but they can, for example try to start 50 Vaults and take them all offline at once etc. Here’s more info from David Irvine:

So we’ll have a weekly update tonight and hopefully learn more. Great you are testing anyway. I’m running a Vault now and then.


Thank you for the explanation. I will continue to see if I can do anything here and will report back if so.


I would have invitees list there IP address along with the invitation request. Maidsafe could then easily create both a white list and gray list of trusted community members and those they are unsure of respectively. Ultimately developing a blacklist.

I know IP scrubbing is an issue but they could still be logged by Maidsafe with little effort. This of course until all the proper parts are in place.



Seeing as how safe://rust.sctcoin seems to have disappeared :frowning:

and for those who don’t scare easily


Some people’s IP address change daily due to their ISPs, those on mobile dongles can have their IP addresses change more often


Something more elegant than recording IP addresses of its users would be desirable, especially for a project that has privacy at its core value.


@piluso Yeah I considered that but just threw it out there. @neo totally forgot about dynamic IP’s. Well at least this attack will force Maidsafe to speed things up towards a network with greater data retention now that goals have been swapped between alphas. That will surely impress new comers. Exciting times!!


guys is anyone able to authenticate anything on TEST16?

I logged in with one of my accounts and the Auth pops up for browser & my web apps, BUT NOTHING SUCCESSFULLY AUTHENTICATES never ever and keeps showing zero total things authenticated.

am I really the only one having this problem?


safe://bampot.nyaff/ works ( for various values of “works”) for me.

I am ver very drunk - remind me of your demo site but stuff seems to worek like it shoulds


you got authorized on the safe://chat.wom ?


Ok gimme a min

Nope :frowning:


yeah that means it’s working correctly

good ok so it’s just me I guess, thanks for that man


I wonder if my safe://constellations2 was faulty for this?

A refresh was triggered from the browser after one minute. But new content is only available after a duration between 1 mn 10 and 1 mn 30 (every minute is programmed but the generation takes longer). When same content was received I was retriggering refresh every 400ms.

If many people display this page permanently, then this could generate a lot of GET requests on the network. I am not sure, but it’s possible that I have launched a DDoS attack through a popular site!

In doubt, to reduce the number of GETs, I have relaunched a new version in which the first refresh is triggered after 1 mn 15 and then every 4 seconds until new content appears (instead of 400ms). The site address is the same (safe://constellations2) but if the page is already opened you’ll have to refresh the page explicitly to take the new timings into account.


Lynch him!..get the pitch - forks out!.. :smile:
So it was the constellation causing all the consternation?..ahem…ok weak …I’ll just go now… :blush:


Yes and in the SAFE breaker browser you might want to do a “Hard Refresh” by clicking the button at the top that clears your cookies


Is SecretChat working OK?

I can get authourised to safe://chat.wom/ and my messages are echoed to screen but the links at the bottom Chat and Rooms seem inactive…


yeah it’s working

I didn’t finish the Rooms functionality yet, so the navbar won’t really take you anywhere yet


Is there any one else who’s getting this error whenever they start the demo app?

Yeah I’m using SAFE Demo App v0.6.2


Something strange in my Vault. Begin to show messages like that:


I’m getting this …