SAFE Network - Test 16


I remember there was a way to visit the websites by google chrome is this still possible, anyone know were to find how again.

(was a long long time ago crypto-time)


Pretty sure those days are gone


Yea thought so, my company network wont let me download anything here

Need a mobile compatible client :stuck_out_tongue:


When I tested 30 min ago it seems that especially the app authorisation in the Launcher takes time.


The Vault seems OK (Routing table 62 and estimated network size 126) but impossible to log in (Request timed out). I try with different computer and same error.

Yesterday all was OK. I uploaded the usual files to test speed (about 180KB/Seg.) and the safe pages I check was OK too.

Maybe some problem with the invitation?


EDIT: left it a couple of hours, tried again and it worked. Testnet 16 is a fussy one it seems


#More nodes can only help…
I just brought 7 online… with 3 of those tweaked for 20GB… surprised we’re only using 50% of 5GB still.



Deploy New Server/Instance
Vultr Cloud Compute
[Any location]
[Ubuntu 16.10]
20GB SSD $2.50/month (sold-out but still cheap at $5 and trivial then hourly rate)
[scroll down and enter a server hostname]
[deploy now]
get IP address and a copy of the password

#from your computer then login via ssh
ssh root@999.888.777.666
+(yes if needed)+thepassword#

#Logged in via ssh

#and do this:
mkdir ./SAFE
cd ./SAFE
sudo apt-get -y install unzip
unzip ./
cd ./safe_vault-v0.14.0-linux-x64

[Enter x2]

[wait a while.. for resource proof.."This will take at least 300 seconds." <410s.. ta da!]
[detach from screen and leave it running with “Ctrl-a” “d”]

"exit" will drop your ssh connection and the vault will be there when you ssh again, running in screen.
Use "screen -r" to return to the screen with whatever is the latest output from the vault.

Any questions, just ask but it’s simple and worth doing for the experience of running a cloud server. :thumbsup:

A vault in my home

I’ll just note that a delay at the start of vault does become a retry and success:

Running safe_vault v0.14.0
I 17-04-07 08:59:59.611749 Node(9df58e..()) Requesting a relocated name from the network. This can take a while.
I 17-04-07 09:05:59.612216 Node(9df58e..()) Failed to get relocated name from the network, so restarting.
W 17-04-07 09:05:59.613052 Restarting Vault
I 17-04-07 09:06:02.711734 Node(c13c94..()) Requesting a relocated name from the network. This can take a while.
I 17-04-07 09:06:03.102895 Node(8d33c3..()) Received relocated name. Establishing connections to 20 peers.
I 17-04-07 09:06:03.153232 Node(8d33c3..()) Starting approval process to test this node's resources. This will take at least 300 seconds.

which is good :slight_smile:


Good experience from here then, except as above it seems galaxy times out.

safe://big.hello - 19.4MB


Yesterday, at 22:49:58 UTC the program updating safe://galaxy crashed because a NFS request timed out.

I have just discovered this right now, and I am not able to relaunch the program anymore (get user root directory listing request always times out).

I don’t know how to solve this, so I just asked for another invite and recreated the site with another name (safe://constellations). Maybe this is a better name because i find that sections look like constellations.


Many thanks to the team for the effort to get this done!
Started a vault and all looks nice.

Uploaded a few files and noticed that data upload counter does not seem to show correct value:


Counts are PUTS (chunks written to the network) rather than MB. They are related but not the same thing, which is why the numbers don’t match.


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Yes, but it says Total Data Upload 11.2 KB. Although I have uploaded multiple mp3 files that are 10 MB each.


The 11,2 KB data upload only refers to that specific session. Did you upload the mp3’s in this same session, or did you restart the launcher in between?


Did all of that in one session.


I’ve noticed the routing table size is changing every 10 seconds or so - same problem I guess?


Yes, seems like it to me.


Thank you @drehb. I’m a noob when it comes to things like this.
In the terminal I get the message:

E 17-04-07 10:38:15.580293 Failed to Bootstrap: (FailedExternalReachability) Bootstrappee node could not establish connection to us.
I 17-04-07 10:38:15.581296 Bootstrapping(41f597…) Failed to bootstrap. Terminating.

So, I guess that it can´t get through the router.

In the router there are only three settings for UPnP:
UPnP Enabled: ON
NAT-PMP Enabled:ON
Secure Mode Enabled: OFF

Anything else I need to consider?

Otherwise I will see if I can learn how to port forward


Is the port open in the firewall??? Could be your virusscanner’s firewall as well. I have to open port 5483 on my router as well, even with UPnP activated.