SAFE Network - Test 16


It’s because we just took down Test 16 :slight_smile:


/me immediately saves some AWS budget

I take it this is a precursor to some welcome news?

or a meringue?


No, it’s just because we are focusing on the Mutable Data integration now, as explained in last week’s dev update.

Also, we were planning to take down Test 16 at the end of last week (see this post), but we ended up leaving it up for a few more days because we forgot to take it down :slight_smile:

Request an Invite - Test 16

Video with accelerated version of safe://galaxy and safe://constellations sites is on YouTube.

There are strange periods with many nodes always appearing and disappearing in a specific section. Some examples are:

  • section 000 from 2017-04-06 22:42:18 to 23:00:28
  • section 110 from 2017-04-08 18:38:36 to 21:07:17
  • section 0011 from 2017-04-09 21-31-59 to 23-30-25 (the whole life of this section).
  • section 010 from 2017-04-11 20:56:42 to 2017-04-12 02:15:35.

I don’t know if this due to an external attack, a bug in MaidSafe code or if the message I used is not supposed to always return true section definitions. If someone from MaidSafe wants to analyze with real node ids, source raw data files are stored on GitHub.

Note: Test 16 was probably the last one where I could publish sites like safe://galaxy and safe://constellations because:

  • The message I used has been removed (see this post)

  • the POST requests are not free anymore (each one will cost 2 units from account balance, see this post)


The second merge was me. I check that was only eight member in my section and cannot resist the temptation to switch off my vault and force the merge.

I’m a bad guy…


So, that was you, node id “48c74e…”, in red here:

That was tempting, but I can see you have resisted a long time before killing your vault, because section 0100 had 8 nodes for a long time (more than 3 days, from 2017-04-08 15:27:01 to 2017-04-11 20:56:42).


Guilty, Sir. The truth, I only check the constellation site a few times and only in one begin to count how many nodes was in my section. Too tempting for a weak soul…

To my defence, you are half culprit to give us so powerful tool.:wink:


With great power comes great responsibility


Let me just say that I love oyur visualisations! We need more, pleeeaaasse :slight_smile: It’s a way for me to understand the network even better, and I think for newbies, stuff like that is perfect to get into it! Thanks!