SAFE Network - Test 15

lol - God u guys are quick.

Never confident of myself - so closed it quick for the moment :grin: - needs more disucssions internally (needs support in other major crates too - all the way from frontend to backend so need to see here if there’s no unforseen blocker etc.)


Definitely @Nigel :grin:

Curious why there’s activity in the email app as well ;-).


That’s to reflect the changes in API. However it is currently being discussed - there should be a forum post soon once we have analysed various ideas.


Not sure, but going to have a look into it. The error itself indicates an entry in routing peer_manager that we do not have the public key pairs for but the bug is likely a case where a peer is not properly cleaned out from routing. Can also see it in some of the other nodes. Thanks for highlighting this :thumbsup:


hi viv,

i’ve restarted the sever now and its seems to be running cleanly without these grumbles… i’ll leave running and see if anything crops up again…



sounds good, however that issue coming up in the first place still warrants tracking it down and getting rid of as at that point it points to an entry in the RT which isnt kept track of by the peer_mgr so might just lead to other issues down the road. It looks like a tunnel issue but lets confirm once we can spot the source of the issue.


What if is this a technical problem? Can data being replicated multiple times across vaults due a bug, like a cancer? Maybe a disjoint section bug. I think it’s a good idea to check if this is not the root cause.

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Got tons of consecutive lines of
I 17-03-29 20:09:06.676128 Node(a4d218..(101)) Update on RoutingTableResponse completed. Prefixes: {Prefix(0010), Prefix(0011), Prefix(100), Prefix(101), Prefix(111)}

Not sure if that means anything, just reporting something that seems odd to me.

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I would expect something like that would have been spotted in Maidsafe test net that didn’t have contributions.

I expect the default 5GB limit hasn’t helped if only 50% of that is being used in each vault… unclear to me the real size of the network but a 250GB network is going to fill up. If vault owners fixed their safe_vault.vault.config for 15GB+ perhaps that would help?

I seem to be seeing 3226892180 bytes == 3.22GB in one of mine atm which is set at 15GB, so that seems to be more than just 50% of 5GB. Curious that has not filled beyond that but perhaps in a network of 5GB nodes, the sharing doesn’t incline to single larger nodes?.. but with many larger nodes perhaps would add flex??

Alt option would be to reboot the same test and watch more closely what occurs and how.


Same Error: MutationFailure::MutationError::NetworkFull

I set my max capacity up to ~7.5Gb - only get 8Gb as std on an AWS t2 micro instance.

ubuntu@ip-172-31-24-250:/tmp/safe_vault_chunk_store$ less ~/SAFE/safe_vault-v0.13.2-linux-x64/safe_vault.vault.config |grep capacity
  "max_capacity": 7468709120,
ubuntu@ip-172-31-24-250:/tmp/safe_vault_chunk_store$ du -h
3.0G	.

Only seeing 3Gb used out of that.

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safe://galaxy site is now frozen at 2017-03-29 16:43:54 UTC.

The information was displayed with a varying delay (about 1h40 too late yesterday evening and 10 minutes today afternoon). The problem was that I was updating my site every minute, which is too quick when the network is slow.

I have corrected this problem and stopped my program to be able to launch the new one. But now each time the program is launched, a timeout occurs in DnsOperation::new. I guess that I shouldn’t have stopped the program that was running. I am sorry for that.

And now my node itself has crashed. So, test 15 is finished for me.

Tomorrow, I will make a video with the information about nodes and sections that I have collected and add it to YouTube like I did for test 12c.


So how does the user use this.

Ask for invite -> get invite -> use invite to create account

Ask off who/whom
Where does invite come from (MaidSafe or the network or …)?

What is to stop someone from pretending to be many people and getting many invites?

Just curious to see how the invite system could be abused.

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running since restart and all happy this time round:

I 17-03-30 03:36:47.166316 Node(4d9e93…(010)) Dropped 78055d… from the routing table.
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.167321 ------------------------------------------------------------------
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.167341 | Node(4d9e93…(010)) PeerId(993f030a…) - Routing Table size: 69 |
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.167350 | Estimated network size: 140 |
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.167360 ------------------------------------------------------------------
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.796839 ------------------------------------------------------------------
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.796865 | Node(4d9e93…(010)) PeerId(993f030a…) - Routing Table size: 70 |
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.796873 | Estimated network size: 142 |
I 17-03-30 03:36:47.796883 ------------------------------------------------------------------
I 17-03-30 03:42:12.841430 This vault has received 1035 Client Get requests. Chunks stored: Immutable: 3013, Structured: 271, Appendable: 0. Total stored: 1832434165 bytes.
I 17-03-30 04:08:18.406889 Stats - Sent 170000 messages in total, comprising 553339451 bytes, 1 uncategorised, routes/failed: [97899, 59, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5]/3233
I 17-03-30 04:08:18.406954 Stats - Direct - NodeIdentify: 59, CandidateIdentify: 17, MessageSignature: 33869, ResourceProof: 4/12028/2465, SectionListSignature: 1114
I 17-03-30 04:08:18.406975 Stats - Hops (Request/Response) - GetNodeName: 1/0, ExpectCandidate: 0, AcceptAsCandidate: 0, SectionUpdate: 0/0, SectionSplit: 0, OwnSectionMerge: 0, OtherSectionMerge: 0, RoutingTable: 2877/0, ConnectionInfo: 119/60, CandidateApproval: 0, NodeApproval: 0, Ack: 100862
I 17-03-30 04:08:18.406993 Stats - User (Request/Success/Failure) - Get: 4664/4659/5, Put: 10/4/6, Post: 5/5/1, Delete: 0/0/0, Append: 0/0/0, GetAccountInfo: 0/0/0, Refresh: 7165
I 17-03-30 04:54:19.642361 ------------------------------------------------------------------
I 17-03-30 04:54:19.642391 | Node(4d9e93…(010)) PeerId(993f030a…) - Routing Table size: 71 |
I 17-03-30 04:54:19.642401 | Estimated network size: 144 |
I 17-03-30 04:54:19.642411 ------------------------------------------------------------------
I 17-03-30 05:23:55.699998 This vault has received 1037 Client Get requests. Chunks stored: Immutable: 3013, Structured: 271, Appendable: 0. Total stored: 1832434165 bytes.



Visualisation of test 15 network from MaidSafe


is this test still running? I have a maidsafe friend coming round later and we’d like to have a go at creating a vault and account?

Yes and no. It is not being actively maintained and people are likely to be turning off their vaults anytime

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OK, thanks Neo. We’ll give it a go and see what happens.

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So this has been running for 2 weeks, that’s substantially longer than its predecessors. I guess it’s pretty stable then or it would have been killed already.