SAFE Network T-Shirts


Just send your details by PM to either @ioptio if you are based in the US, or @justine_mclevy if you’re located elsewhere and they’ll sort you out!


Do you have the Adverts in EPS?


Come and get your SAFE Swag!!! :smile:

Choose your swag, customize it with your favorite SAFE graphics and make it your own. Everything from T-shirts to coffee mugs.


The adverts are available to download from the website in PDF format, from which you can create an eps. Hope that helps!


Thank you for all your help :smile:


Continuing from this convo, I have a few people that I can put on this, if the community still wants shirts. I see people bringing it up from time to time over the months and years.

Would this be ok, and do @Shona or @nicklambert or anyone else have specific SAFE Network designs that they would prefer to be used? If not I have the main SAFE Network ones from our current blue shirts available.

And if there is a T-Shirt plan within MaidSafe then that is fine too, but I can have something ready for people to be able to start purchasing shirts within a week if not.

FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors

I think that’s fine @whiteoutmashups, but it would be good to make sure you have enough for meet ups as well. So probably makes sense that we fulfil the t-shirt requests from HQ. As I mentioned in another thread I was looking at an online fulfilment solution but the volumes are cost prohibitive atm. I’ve attached the current design just to people know what we are talking about.

I was actually thinking that we get the MS Foundation to publish a MAID and BTC address that people who request t-shirts could send a small donation to. We would send the t-shirt regardless of receiving a donation, but it would be a good way of enabling people to contribute if they want to, while also providing some funds to the Foundation.

Can anyone looking for a t-shirt please send their size (we go from S to XL) and address to @victoria, and we’ll get these shipped out as soon as we can. We’ll also chuck in some stickers and camera blockers (we don’t have branded tin foil hats yet :)).

FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors
FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors
For the people by the people
FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors
FREE Project SAFE tshirts for all forum contributors

BTC can be costly to transfer these days. Are there other cryptocurrencies you could accept for donations as well?


Yes. Me too. Very cute


What currency were you thinking of @sfultong?


@nicklambert Any of the other top cryptocurrencies would be nice. Ethereum/Bitcoin Cash/Litecoin/etc.


I’d be happy to pay in Scotcoin :slight_smile:

I’d also be very happy to set up a Sotcoin donation wallet for Maidsafe. Actually ANY Btcoin address can accept Scotcoin but you need to access that address with a CounterParty enabled wallet - like to see your Scotcoin - or any other CounterParty token.


I’d buy one :slight_smile:


Sure. I think this should be fine. Let me speak to the MaidSafe Foundation trustees.


I’ve set up some addresses for the Foundation to receive donations for some of these coins. Please make sure you only send the right type of coin to the appropriate address! And thanks in advance for any donations :slight_smile:

MaidSafeCoin (MAID) or Bitcoin (BTC): 1CzU6ab24GeEvjXNz3a3wnAkMqqur5Ajir

Ethereum (ETH): 0x56525f6d1a58ccef96ac61834839c87e6b124c89

Litecoin (LTC): LM3Bnkmu7k3v1CTVGFqX4686un7RyX2PsW


Also people might not be aware that if you hold some of these coins on exchanges (Bittrex) the fee is smaller than sending it from omniwallet. Currently Bittrex is 2 MAID to withdraw from them. (approx $1.50)


Thanks @Fraser!

Hopefully the overhead of having a bunch of cryptocurrencies to deal with isn’t too bad.


it would be great, Nice



If possible can I request to XL t shirts. Thank you

Have a wonderful week !



That is so cool :slight_smile: