SAFE Network strapline vote

EDIT: This poll has been closed. See this post more for details.

After five weeks of hard work the Brand Competition team is happy to present the first draft of the design brief for the SAFE Network logo design competition on the 99designs platform. See this post for more details.

During our discussions we agreed that the community should decide on a strapline for the SAFE Network. A lot of straplines were previously suggested on the Forum. We went through the topic where straplines were suggested and found that two of them could count on a lot of support:

  • Secure Access For Everyone
  • Privacy, Security, Freedom

To decide which of these two will be the official strapline for the SAFE Network this poll has been sent to all forum members who have reached trust level 2 (Member badge). We have chosen to restrict voting to trust level 2 members to prevent abuse of new accounts.

A third option has been added to the poll which allows members to vote for “another” strapline. If we have misjudged support for the two suggested straplines a strapline competition will be held after the vote has been concluded.

Since the forum software doesn’t currently support a public vote where only members with a certain trust level are allowed to vote we have opted for a workaround with a private message. The vote will be turned into a public topic after a week so that everyone will be able to see the results.

  • Secure Access For Everyone
  • Privacy, Security, Freedom
  • I don’t like either of these two, I would prefer another strapline

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Just to note my thought, followed that ‘Privacy; Security; Freedom’ are principal interests and ideals, rather than a strapline. For branding and marketing, I don’t think it gets better than something that spells S.A.F.E. and states the core function.


This is exactly what I thought about this one as well :slight_smile:


I switched my vote based on your post. Good point.

Privacy; Security; Freedom, is not about being safe per se, it’s about responsibility and opportunity.

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Why not combine the two. If I had to choose I’d go with S.A.F.E. but as is I think you could have like Privacy, Security and Freedom as kind of an over arching banner then beneath it is “Secure Access For Everyone.” P.S.F. : S.A.F.E. kind of thing.

Yes but this is “The SAFE Network” … another reason I like “SAFE Access For Everyone” over “Secure Access For Everyone”. It resonates in different ways that combine to create a memorable “image” which is the point of a strapline. It needs to both say something about the product and to be memorable, which I think the multi-faceted re-enforcing of “SAFE” achieves. :slight_smile:


Yes but you’re like most of the rest of us… geeky and liking of GNU like curiosities… this is about brand appeal to all beyond the norm here. As suggested we need to not be liable to the dull thud of conservative thought at the outset.

Play to the core strength - that is explicitly technical and Secure, rather than the subjective liability that is safe.[:lower:].

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hmmm - i like "privacy security freedom"
it’s what i printed on my safnet-pullover and shirt :smiley:

maybe less idealistic but “access for everyone” appeals to people who care about others wherease “privacy security freedom” appeals (too) to more egoistic people … and i would expect there are less altruistic than egoistic people out there


If you’re trying to draw people in then positioning as something that is for “you”… with everyone, does that. You - that special something, are included already in SAFE… because it’s for everyone.

As ideas, [privacy; security; freedom] are powerful and must be included in marketing, so they are visible to those who care for them. Such ideals appeal to me more than ever a strapline… but we’re voing on a strapline.

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I’m with riddim, I think ‘privacy, security and freedom’ is more powerful and engaging.


well, the recursion didn’t hinder the “Visa International Service Association” to become quite popular. :slight_smile:

Copy/Paste from the public forum thread: We did discuss this option. We thought that it didn’t work well because it can be read as “Secure Access For Everyone Access For Everyone”. I guess you can avoid that by making it Safe Access For Everyone, we also considered that but thought that Secure worked better.

I suggest that if people like SAFE/Safe Access For Everyone better they choose the third option (other strapline) in the poll and post a comment that they favour Safe Access For Everyone.


Not the reason I use them.

Also a strapline needs to perhaps answer why “SAFE”. If we went with “Privacy; Security; Freedom” that wouldn’t answer why it’s named SAFE. Where better to resolve that than a strapline - who reads straplines anyway?.. :ducks: :smiley:

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I do like this and thought I could vote that way, however it’s not that simple. So my vote would be SAFE Access For Everyone. I think it grows on you and also it’s kinda got the recursive trick which I like. Ofc Secure is also very good I think, so not altogether perturbed :wink: .


“Secure Access For Everyone” tells me nothing.

Secure Access… where? to what? how? why?

At least the second phrase, neither I like too much, clearly adjective.

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The “to everything” is silent.

Now you’ve got me doubting… I recall that when I first saw it.

Perhaps SAFE Access For Everyone, at least doesn’t throw that uncertainty …

and SAFE Access For Everyone in the GNU way lends itself to infinity and then towards thoughts of freedom… damn it, I’ve changed my mind!


sorry i don’t feel addressed when there is an announcement “for everyone” … do you read mails/real world mail that is addressed to “everybody” ? … i throw that stuff away without opening it …


A prison is safe. SAFE doesn’t mean secure or under the user’s control. Besides SAFE is an acromynm to begin with. The SAFE network was never intended to be safe anymore than the internet is safe. It was intended to offer privacy, security and freedom. It was intended to offer the user control of their data. It offers safety the same way a gun offers safety, in that one has more control and security but it does not eliminate risk or danger.