SAFE Network strapline suggestions

Please use this topic to suggest straplines for the SAFE Network.

  • Please only include one strapline per post (feel free to also add a short explanation)
  • If you want to show your support for a strapline, just “like” the post that mentions the strapline.
  • Every strapline that gets 20 likes or more will be included in the poll.
  • This topic is not to be used to discuss the strapline suggestions. The discussions on strapline suggestions can be continued in the SAFE Network strapline vote topic.

Your Internet Reinvented.


Safe Access For Everyone

I propose the above because IMO:

  • it conveys key values that are easily understood and are appealing to many
  • “Safe” is a universal good, which evokes a good feeling response. Same for “Everyone”. Both are important core properties that underly the SAFE Network. “Access” alludes to connectivity with information, an “everyone” network, communication, storage and so on.
  • “Everyone” means the reader, which says “this is for me”, those I care about, those I know, and those I don’t yet know. This creates curiosity - what is there here for me/us?
  • using Safe (or perhaps “SAFE”) creates multiple resonances that make it memorable (ie Safe is an acronym for the strapline, and binds it to “The SAFE Network” in a way that also immediately explains what is meant by the “SAFE” in “SAFE Network”).
  • it is punchy and memorable
  • I like the recursive nature (as in “Gnu - Gnu’s not unix”) and think this is a way of speaking to the more geeky element of early adopters without putting off others, because they probably won’t notice this aspect.
  • I always liked “Secure Access For Everyone” but think “Safe” is clearer and has the other advantages mentioned. “Secure” feels a might too technical for the general public who I believe this should be aimed at.

Secure Access For Everyone

No need to introduce this beast, it won the last poll with 51% of the vote.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Privacy Security Freedom


The New Internet


This isn’t your Grandfather’s Internet


SAFE: An Internet Designed for You

Friends don’t let friends use HTTP

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Is your data SAFE?


Better SAFE than sorry

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Next Generation Internet

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The internet/web made safe.

Because privacy; security; and freedom, matter.

Your home on the internet.

Safe Network: welcome to the borderless Internet


SAFE Network: A home in the cloud


The Real Cloud

Our Internet.