SAFE Network Strapline - Final Vote

A few days ago you were invited to vote on a strapline for the SAFE Network. This vote is part of the preparations for the logo design competition on the 99designs platform.

As explained in this post, we have decided to redo the vote, because it turned out that around 24% of the voters didn’t like either of the options presented.

Choosing the straplines for the final vote

In the SAFE Network strapline suggestions topic, we mentioned that “Every strapline that gets 20 likes or more will be included in the poll.”

No strapline got 20 likes, but since we really want to add additional straplines to the new vote, we have decided to choose the straplines that were closest to having 20 likes:

  1. Secure Access For Everyone (15 Likes)
  2. Internet Evolved (13 Likes)
  3. Safe Access For Everyone (10 Likes)
  4. Share your drive (10 Likes)
  5. Privacy. Security. Freedom. (8 Likes)

New vote with additional straplines

  • Secure Access For Everyone
  • Internet Evolved
  • Safe Access For Everyone
  • Share your drive
  • Privacy. Security. Freedom.

0 voters

This vote will end on Sunday, July 17 at 6:00 PM GMT (in one week).

Rules for the final vote

As mentioned above the final vote will run for exactly one week. Forum members with trust level 2 (Member) will be able to vote and change their vote until the vote closes. Once the vote closes the strapline with the highest percentage of votes will be chosen as the strapline. In case of a tie the decision will be made by the logo design committee.