Safe Network Servers

I get Social Security in Washington State. I am going to get servers earning Safe Network Tokens. I wish to have help creating Tardis Farm I am starting on Amazon Web Service 12 months of the free tier.

It is still too early for that, friend. Write to me when there is a network and I will help you. :dragon:

No use in the free tier Amazon Web Service I would appreciate suggestions on get Safe Network Tokens

Automated era sent Sci Fi amid a counterfeit asset Maid asset orient faucet Maid asset cite a fortune true state Maidsafecoin anagrams of USA

Maidsafecoins = So Sci Fi Dan Mea

I lost 314,159 Maidsafecoins
Mountain Dew 1
Dan out win me 2
Mea unit down 3
Unwed I am not 4
Mea win donut 5
Mea unto wind 6
Own it unmade 7
Own Maid tune 8
Wound in mate 9
Automated era sent Sci Fi 1
Amid a counterfeit asset 2
Maid asset orient faucet 3
Maid asset cite a fortune 4
True state Maidsafecoin 5
Maidsafecoin trustee at 6
Mea fiancee Tardis stout 7
Dan Mea to seat true Sci Fi 8
Sci Fi data net routes Mea 9
Dan Mea cure I.T. so it’s fate 10
United States of America 11
Every line is the same letters they’re anagrams 911
That is a timeless message I got after the fact

I barely have internet and a computer there needs to be a way to earn Safe Network Tokens from the Federal Reserve Notes I get

Melodee Ann Grace Meyer is Mea
Daniel Ray Waters Hazelton Ortiz is Dan

If there are other people trying to interpret what is written, it seems that our friend the @D0ct0r is not a (ro)bot, but a real person:

Well there is witness to timeless synchronicity anagrams here is one with Doctor

Doctor in various languages anagram = The Doctor God devil Jesus Buddha Goddes Altar kook raze kook butt Kat kick kook Mea take our Maidsafe Elastic time tick at mom key tomorrow door kit dumb judicatory

Synchrony with Maidsafe

There needs to be a server market for earning
Safe Network Tokens in USA

I still am unable to get any Maidsafecoin all I got was a message to into Maidsafe from Tardis it is not just idiorocacy

Melodee and Daniel

Everything is an illusion including time

That’s just an illusion. In reality, “the world is everything that is the case”.

My mind has been mangled from death and other stuff that happened to me but gradually I eventually get back home.
First and last marriage on Maidsafe is River Song and Doctor

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.”
Over and Out.


I have $1600 now from stimulus payment I would like to get a server earning Safe Network Tokens. I am going to hold on to I.T. until Secure Access For Everyone is reached.