Safe Network Promotional Designs from Community

Dear Community,

I’m interested to print stickers and put them in commonly visited places to make people more aware of the Safe Network. The designs have to be appealing, catching, easy to understand and should have visible logo of the Safe Network brand so people become familiar with it.

Maybe there is also some other people who like the idea and contributing a bit, helping out to grow the community with something simple like this.

@Dimitar our local community hero already does this for several years using flyers. If we could also reach those untapped communities that live in other countries where our community members live?

Feel free to post designs, even memes can be funny if it’s visible that it refers to the Safe Network.

Looking forward to all the creations we can come up with.


A sticker with the logo, name and .tech would be a simple one to at least let it sit in peoples unconscious minds if not actively looking it up. Might look into how cheap I could get 1k stickers of at least 4x4.

If you have any ideas or developments of your own I’ll definitely stick them all over my area and while traveling.


Something I made earlier


make sure the stickers are of a suitable size for laptop lids. There were stickers made for the big dev meet a few years back. They were OK but lacked the and QR code. Designs also exist for some cool merch including hoodies and T-shirts cos I saw folk wearing the hoodies ad I have a T-shirt.


That is PERFECT. :ok_hand:t2:


Heres a pic pf my old Thinkpad with the SAFE sticker from a few years back

BTW I have taken the Trezor stickers off everything. Why advertise you own a Trezor?


I liked the hoodies

I thought the logo in the o was pretty cool


I was extremely upset there were no XXXXL hoodies at the time. Haveing slimmed down to a svelte XXXL, I hope they will return,