Safe Network News

I am thinking about starting a website called Safe Network News. I think I would struggle to write enough material to keep it fresh so was wondering what people think about contributing regular content? If anything it would be good to get the site running before demand goes absolutely crackers in a year or two.


Hey! My telegram / reddit newsbot is called ‘SAFE Network News’! So that was my idea! :rage:

Of course just joking! Great idea and great name! :v: I’d love to see it up and running! (but no free resources to contribute and help out from here =/ sorry…)

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I tried to start a project with a similar name a few years ago :stuck_out_tongue: I actually ended up renaming it to “SAFE Network News” but then I stopped working on it.

Maybe you can find some inspiration by looking at this topic :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t this forum essentially the “Safe Network News”?

I think it would be better to start the “SAFE News Network” (SNN)
This would definitely be “The most trusted name in news…”
Either that or “SAFE News Live”, (SNL) last I heard that
acronym was available. :wink:

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