Safe network Monthly Summary (request)

I do not have time to read all the threads on the forum and is easy to get lost on what’s new in the SAFE community.

To have a safe network community reporter would be great for those talented writers, I know there was a magazine but have not seen any links here.

If it could be possible to be a read only thread apart from the reporter posting the summary and then link to the thread.
example n99 releases crowd sale and links with a short article about n99.

So every now and then people could come to the forum and see a thread called " SAFE ###### " and catch up, then people could copy paste the information to their safe website as an article giving the reporter a donation for example for good faith…

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Great idea!

How bout you do it!! :slight_smile:

He starts the topic with:

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its in the works. @frabrunelle and i are aware of the need, and are working on an implementation of this.