SAFE Network messaging to email addresses on the clearnet

I didn’t find the answer to this anywhere, but will it be possible to do SAFE Network messaging to email addresses on the clearnet?

Why I ask? because it could also potentially help with credentials recovery in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder if something like Bleep or Bitmail may be able to accomplish that…

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Such gateways are a service to be provided by third parties, same as on Tor.

As far as I know messaging will just be structured data, but will it also have somethings like smtp or webrtc?

It’s a business question rather than a computing one, how and why to run a gateway.


It occurs to me that if we can exchange safecoin for bitcoin and bitcoin for fiat why can we not equally exchange structured data messages for data stored on the bitcoin network for standard email?

Also could not an email client be set up to request email from the safenetwork? That is the email messages would be stored on the SAFE network instead of a server somewhere. Or this process could be managed by some app somehow. Of course this very well compromise anonymity and security but that’s kind of a given when communicating with the clearnet. But it would increase communication and adoption of the network at large.

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