SAFE Network Meetups: A Discussion



Hi, dugcampbell. Thank you for adding me. Sorry for making you miss-understanding. I’ve changed my words for making it sure. Actually, I know some developers who are interested in Safe Network, but I hope to focus on the Safe Network meetup in Korea.


Is there already a date for the meetup in Amsterdam?


With Maidsafe sharing all of this great news on the SAFE Network I think now’s a great time to hold/plan meetups to capitalize on the momentum. I pulled together this simple flyer to get the word out, which anyone can repurpose for meet ups in their city.

I’m targeting July for the first SAFE Network: Chicago meetup. I’m headed to the Chicago Blockchain Project’s monthly meet up later today, and will be inviting people to come. If you’re in or around Chicago, please join the group and vote on the poll for what Saturday morning in July would work best for you.

In addition, I’ve kind of volunteered as tribute to help organize regular check-ins for meetup leaders so that we can share best practices, what’s (not) working, etc. If this is something you’d like to participate in, please DM me and @dugcampbell.

This is the draft agenda for the first Chicago meet up, All feedback & suggestions welcome!

  • Introductions (form depends on the group size)
  • Who is Maidsafe and What is the SAFE Network
  • Overview of Apps Being Built on the SAFE Network (will lean on SAFE DevCon video footage)
  • Guest Speaker (Would be great to have a developer from the Maidsafe team or someone who is developing a dApp on the SAFE Network)
  • All About the SAFE Academy and Developer Hub
  • Developing on the SAFE Network Q&A (opportunity for attendees to ask questions live)
  • Next Meetup & Group Dynamics (discussion on meeting cadence and form)


Just one small thing I would use SAFE Network rather than SAFEnetwork throughout for consistency.


Awesome work, please keep this up!

Amazing initiative @Sotros25 let me know anything I can do for any of it


Hi @dugcampbell ,

I am from Munich Germany. We are forming a crypto community here with the goal to reach mass-adoption for crypto-technologies by adapting it into real world use cases. I only recently came across the SAFE Network project and digging deeper in it every day. BTW, your “SAFE Network Primer” is really good written and informativ! I really want to help to get this going, because it helps to further adapt crypto-technology to the masses. Right now we are only participating in several meet-ups around town, but want to host a meet-up in near future anyway. You can put me on the list for a potential meet-up organizer in Munich for SAFE Network, if you want.


Awesome work here @Sotros25 :smile: Probably goes without saying but we’ll obviously be doing everything we can to support this at MaidSafe. Meantime, I’d urge anyone who’s either based in Chicago, may be passing through at some point or even is just a member of any other SAFE meetup around the world to sign up to get this one off the ground. Chicago has a packed crypto scene and it would be great to see this meetup start off strongly.


Thanks @CPay-Solutions for stepping forwards! It’d be great to see a German SAFE Network meetup group - I’ll add you to the list of organisers at the top now

MaidSafe Dev Update - May 31, 2018

The SAFE Network: Chicago meetup group will be holding our first meeting this coming Saturday! So far, we’re expecting ~20 people. In preparation for the event, I created a set of materials that I also used to introduce about ~20 work colleagues to MaidSafe and the SAFE Network on Friday. The presentation was well received, with some planned follow up conversations.

Hopefully these materials can be helpful in spreading the SAFE word. Please feel free to provide any feedback. Also, if anyone would like any help repurposing these materials, I’m happy to help.


@Sotros25 very good job! Thanks for the pdf I will use it!


Awesome! Let me know if you need any help updating the materials for your meetup. :smile:


FYI I believe @PeterRobertson is no longer running the Melbourne, Australia meetups.


Hi all, the London meetup is now booked in and ready to go. Full details on the page or in the forum thread here:

Any tips from other existing meetups very welcome!


Yes, sadly correct at the moment. We were hoping to get attendances at our new offices in Collingwood, which is about 20 mins out of CBD by tram, but couldn’t get uptake. I will say that I have been pressed for time and not that well suited to creating community, so if anyone in our area would like to take that on, we can offer the venue and I will personally help in any way I’m able to. Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.



The next SAFE Network: Chicago Meetup is scheduled for 9/15 at 10 AM. @Nigel has graciously agreed to speak to the group about JAMS. We really appreciate it!!

We’re also looking to cover SAFE front end development as this is a topic group members mentioned they’d like to hear about. If anyone has any good content on SAFE front end development or would be willing to either video chat with us or create a short video on the topic, please let me know.

As always, please share news about the event! Thanks!! :smile:


Put me down for Glasgow. Initially I’d try for a freebie venue from my contacts in the colleges and Unis but I have other suitable non-academic venues in mind that we have used for Scotcoin MeetUps previously


Great stuff, thanks @Southside - just give us a shout when you’re wanting to move forwards with this and I’ll head along!


I’ll try to make it to any Glasgow meetups as well!


Me too!

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While I haven’t been quite as active on the forum as I usually would be (perfect storm of day job duties, extra curricular activities, and a rather extreme travel schedule), rest assured that SAFE Network: Chicago continues to push forward on developing partnerships. SAFE Network: Chicago is partnering with Tech Month Chicago, who’s promoting the event on their site! We’ll be meeting at Mind + Hand, a modern “skills accelerator,” providing pathways to high quality, affordable higher education options, skills development, and entrepreneurship. They’ve kindly volunteered their space to us and are also promoting the event on their site!

Last but not least, “Loyalty Live is the first conference in the world with the sole focus of bridging the gap between the world of loyalty rewards with the world of blockchain technology.” I’ve been invited to attend and have collaborated in marketing efforts. They are also promoting SAFE Network: Chicago as a community partner on their website! While SAFE doesn’t leverage blockchain, it does utilize DLT and the exposure is a great opportunity.

Our next meetup is this Saturday! If you’re in or around Chicago, be sure to RSVP ASAP.