SAFE Network Meetups: A Discussion



Hey @whiteoutmashups, awesome work! We really appreciate all that you’re doing out there to drive the visibility of the meetups and bring people together in person. As we pull this structure together across a few different groups, it’s really important that everything’s joined up (in terms of publicity, SAFE Network branding etc) and your efforts across social platforms etc will really help to drive that :grinning:


Thanks for the post Will, the teams growing, great to see!

Just a quick note, as mentioned previously we should avoid talking about safecoin as an investment in your presentation, or suggesting that it will reach a high specific price ($125). This is the type of thing that is getting coins delisted from exchanges at the moment and some of the US exchanges are getting a little more interested in the coins they facilitate trading on. Might also be better to rephrase SAFE will make it super easy to pirate movies.

I hope this doesn’t come across as being ungrateful for all the energy you put into the community, just a couple of things to consider moving forward. Cheers!


Where did it say that?

Lemme see

EDIT: oh where it calculates the cap against other markets? That’s not OK too? OK, was giving a comparison about where crypto stands in today’s dollar terms but I’ll delete that slide also too then

Anyone who listens to the actual talk can hear all the context and clear disclaimers :stuck_out_tongue:


Rio here. :beach_umbrella:


Anyone in Miami with a thorough technical understanding of the network? I have plenty of event management experience but could not have meaningful discussion with developers.


I would like to attend a meetup in London.

Who is the best person to contact to arrange this?


Hi @mkinross1 - your best best at this stage is to sign up to - this will be the core group that we use for to grow the London Meetups moving forwards :slight_smile:


Hello, can my name be added to Sofia, Bulgaria?


no worries - now added!


Thanks, I’ve done that now. I see the last meetup was last July.

Do you know of any planned meetings?


There’s nothing in the calendar as yet but the plan is to run a meetup organisers call later this and start to fix some dates and locations for the first few meetups.


Thanks for the update, I will be on the lookout for dates and locations.


Several months back I had the idea that I wanted to revive the San Francisco meetup with a focus on
active tinkering, instead of a presentation-style meeting because the most memorable and valuable meetups for me were hands-on. I quickly learned that people were preferring a more passive experience. Now that I think back to hands-on tinkering meetups I’ve attended, they are always very small turnout and they don’t last.

I still would like to put on a How to get started developing SAFE meetup with basic installation and getting briefly acquainted with our web API but this could be not useful at all if there is no demand from meetup members.

I do know that I’m strong in providing support and back-up to a lead role if there’s someone in the San Francisco Bay Area that would like to take up that flag. I’m not as strong with speaking and presentations, which I could work on but I don’t think it’s a good use of very limited time.

Once this month is over I’m going to try to start attending meetings at this place called Sudo Room in Oakland, where people come to tinker with software and hardware. I’d like to attend a few meetings to get to know the community and then see about hosting SAFE network meetups, which is in line with their missions, one of which is building, expanding, and maintaining a mesh network in the region.

cc: @dugcampbell @SarahPentland


Great idea man, was a blast hosting them with you in SF :slight_smile:

yeah people seem to like to just come and see something pretty and cool instead.

Definitely let me know if you need help making anything at all


I would love to help @Savage organize the Miami meet up. I have knowledge of the network, I’m a developer, and also a moderator of the /r/Litecoin subreddit, so I’m not just a random nobody here :slight_smile:


I’d love to step up to build a team for proceeding to make a SAFE Network meetup in Korea. Nowadays I believe Korean community is also very important for SAFE Network. I imagine the great decentralized ecosystem and decentralization with SAFE Network, these things make me impressed more on this. So I hope to make the decentralized society and economy on Seoul in Korea with SAFE Network.

For two years, I have translated and distributed several white papers as a member of the Blockchain translator team. After that, I had written some articles about the blockchain in Steemit KR, and I have written articles by contracting with Bithumb exchange market. Currently, also I have been contributing by writing blockchain trend news to the BlockhainHub as ‘Bitdaily’, and Bithumb exchange market such as a journalist. Although there is an average of 1,500 readers in a day, but I believe, in the near future, it will be reached over 10,000 readers in a day.
Furthermore, I and Blockchain Hub team are managing several chat-rooms over 5,000 Korean people.
Actually, I planned for the offline meet-up with Blockchain Hub team last year, and Approximately 400 ppl participated at the meet-up. And I saw it was the really successful and meaningful experience for meet-up to see the potential of blockchain technology.
Due to these reasons, I believe I can organize the SAFE Network meet-up on Seoul in Korea well.


I’m not much of an “event organizer”, but if needed, I guess I could be a contact person in Finland. I spend most of my time in the country and it can be difficult for me to leave my chickens over night because of predators. I have a small boat but no car. So there’s that. But sure, it would be great if people could come to Finland and know I’m here. People already living in Finland are of course also welcome to contact me.


Hey @Majestic84, great stuff - I’ve added you to the list, sounds like you and @Savage would make a great team!


Thanks for the interest @RobinKang! Added your name above :slight_smile: From your profile, looks like you’ve got many contacts in the area. Are there any developers in South Korea with knowledge of the SAFE Network - either that you or anyone else in the community knows - that might be up for lending a hand in that area?


Thanks @Sascha! I’ll add you to the list as a willing contributor for Finland :slight_smile: