Safe Network Meetup in Melbourne Australia

We are (finally) having our first Safe Network meetup here in Melbourne.

For anyone interested in Safe in our part of the world, we’d love to see you at our first formal Safe Network meetup next month, Thursday, 16 March. For details and to join

Also, we are very fortunate to have a Rust community here, We’ll be looking at forging associations between the two groups going forward.


Peter Robertson


I will aim to be there.


Was wondering if there is anyone from New Zealand interested in catching up?

Does NZ have the Internet?

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We’ve got a decent fibre here in Christchurch. 1Gbp/s down, 500M up.

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haha :joy: yes nz does.

Im north of aucks slightly.

That’s way better than anything in Australia, I’m tempted to move!

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